March 14th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

News isn't always what you expect

A dead Orthodox monk hasn't decomposed after 15 years. So the church naturally digs him up and puts him on display for the elements to get at. The one perfect burial, and they can't just leave it be. *sigh*

Another motorcyclist is caught speeding at 155 MPH. At least this time, they've put speeding on the list of charges. Guess the police are learning from their mistakes. So is an Australian driver who drove down the highway in reverse. Maybe he was hoping that the cops wouldn't notice the unregistered car if the license plate wasn't on the side they expected it to be. Or maybe it really was stuck in reverse. At least the accelerator wasn't jammed.

Mom lets her three-year-old play with a loaded gun, and he shoots her in the knee. The less said about that, the better, probably. It's not news that people keep guns in their houses, although some people keep live grenads in their closets.

South Koreans may have to borrow the proverbial Eskimo word for yellow snow. Fortunately, what's coloring their snow yellow is sand. And what's making this Norweigan woman's tap water taste like beer is beer. The local pub crossed their beer pipes with her water pipes. Reports are that pub patrons didn't even notice the difference. BURN!
Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today was not the birthday of anyone I know, unless I was unaware of it. It was, however, White Day, and I forgot all about it. Not that I had any obligations... but it's the sort of thing I would usually remember.

Today's Bridge: We lost, although we had a good run of it. We sacrificed in the last hand with a slam that would have worked even doubled, since we were off two. But there was a strange bidding sequence in one hand. My partner and I were silent, largely, but see if you can puzzle out what any of this meant. 1NT-2C-2S-3S-3NT-4C-4NT-P-Dan doubled-P-5C-Dan doubled. They made 5C, but what a bidding sequence!

Today's Work: I have my funding. Also, I went to the anti-terrorism briefing, which didn't teach me much but was still probably useful enough. At least this one came with a handout. Having an NMCI computer isn't quite as handy as I thought it would be, yet, but it is useful to know when I'm getting E-mail. Also, Dan gave someone a wicked burn (the PWN type, not the fiery type) that I had to laugh at even though it was a bit too caustic and possibly not exactly the answer to the question. We also got our first bulletin relating to the time zone change, twice. In the same message. Instead of the last word of the message, the entire message was pasted in again. Still no word on the procedures in place or what will happen with flex time as a result. It's going to be a pain living and working in different time zones, particularly since the only reason any part of Indiana has ever been Eastern is because of the whiners in the southeast who work in Cincinnatti and couldn't stand to live and work in a different time zone. Move to Ohio already (or better, Kentucky) and let geography go back to making sense. :P

Then I saw an LJ post mid-morning stating that sakanagai has an interview tomorrow and was looking to crash with me for the night. You know me... my door's open, so I invited him over and helped him go over the maps so he knows where he's going. The big advantage of my working there. ^_^ The directions he got were pretty bad. They instructed him to go in through the gate nearest me, but gave him directions from the gate nearest him. I straightened that out. We stopped at Wall Market to chat briefly with ladyareia and sockschan, but they were busy playing with the radio display, so we went to dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise and stopped at Borders afterward. The Chocolate Nachos were an interesting concoction that grew on me as I ate them. I still took half of my sandwich home, and it will be lunch tomorrow, most likely. It'll be a nice break from the pizza sandwiches. Speaking of which, I think I'll finally be able to take my New Employee Orientation. Its schedule conflicts with the monthly status meeting, but for once, it's something I can probably cancel. It'll be a relief to get THAT out of the way.

And my recent conversations, both in Livejournal and in real-time, have been multi-faceted and mostly very strange, yet satisfying at the same time. One was just very strange. You know who you are.