March 9th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

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underwolf has made me aware of FFXII Potion, a new beverage that just hit the Japanese market. Maybe it will become more popular than Pocari Sweat.

Doctors and police look into the sleepwalking side effects of Ambien, a sleep aid that the FDA says already bears enough of a warning. Ambien may join the ranks of alcohol and hard drugs in the list of drugs screened for after auto accidents. There are some scary stories in that article, where people do things after taking Ambien and don't remember it afterward. Probably not worth causing a scare, but something to be aware of.

Motel maids fight over toilet paper. Ah, the simple pleasures of life. Not that it was pleasurable for either of them, but it's such a small story. Almost like the one about Vinegar Boy getting an employee fired, then promoted.

A guy out on bond for compelling prostitution is accused of making 2,623 obscene phone calls in 20 days. And he wasn't even supposed to be using the phone at all. I wonder if they gave him one free phone call when he was arrested. ^_^

Man gets shot, and doctors discover a tumor while operating on him. It's a familiar story by now. If you're that concerned about tumors, shoot yourself, like this firearms instructor did. But that's a familiar story too. Isn't any of this news NEW?

A French dad drugs his children's tennis opponents... until one of them dies. What's interesting is that the death wasn't so much from the poisoning, as the victim falling asleep at the wheel later. And the drug of choice was Temesta, an anti-anxiety drug, rather than Ambien. A nifty tie-in? Well, I just made it one. So there.

Man in ski mask says "Just kidding" after a fake robbery attempt. He's still arrested, but the article doesn't list the charges. It's a shame he didn't really want money... a motorcycle helmet and a bag are all you need to make a five-fingered withdrawal in Cyprus.
Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today's Bridge: I was out, but sitting on the sidelines was probably good enough for today. I got to see a pretty wild 3NT and a big 4H that would have worked just about as well in spades.

Today's Work: I finally got to run the unit test I've been trying to get in for weeks, if not longer... and it failed. One of the numbers in the code was wrong. Fortunately, I caught it, and it was a pretty simple change. Monday or so, we should be back on track. I caught up on a few other things in the meantime, and continued bringing our new guy up to speed on how to use the system. Reminds me... I need to dig up a chart to bring in tomorrow. I never thought it would be useful, but it would make a good example. ... Found it. I love being a packrat.

Today's Weather: It rained all day, more or less. The drive to work was harrowing enough, and by the time work was over, the roads were pretty flooded. I made pretty good time considering I was driving much slower than normal and stopped for gas before I left the base. I think I got lucky with traffic lights. That's about the only possible explanation. We also had an impromptu fire drill today, where a bit of carelessness on somebody's part set off our fire alarm, but not the automatic call to the fire department. So we all stood out in the rain until someone explained what was going on and told us to go back inside, which we're normally not allowed to do until the fire department has given the all-clear. Some people were tempted to stay out in the rain, because at least one guy in our building is hard of hearing, so the alarm is very high-pitched, very loud, and accompanied by a strobe light. And it stayed on for quite a long time, until he finally asked how long it would be on. It stopped that very second. Until then, we were in a building that basically had no fire warning system and rather painful conditions on the eyes and ears. Nobody expected anything to happen, except for those who didn't pay attention to dates. There was a tornado drill scheduled for yesterday, which was canceled due to rain and later rescheduled for tomorrow. Many people therefore assumed that the fire alarm was the tornado drill. It all brings to light that we still don't have an evacuation plan for fire or tornado... but I think we're all expendable anyway. Or so it sometimes seems.

Today's Everything minus that other stuff: Great big *hugs* for lots of people out there who really seem to need them. There are a few in particular, but I think just about everyone could use one. If you can't... well, I certainly won't be offended if you turn it down. I'm sure those people won't say anything about it anyway.