March 8th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

Hold your news... it's the nose

Father and son drown in manure. Trust me, folks... it can only be uphill from here.

A skeleton lives in a Cadillac at the bottom of a lake. Time to call in Temperance Brennan to investigate. No, wait... she's got an episode tonight.

Here's an interesting story for customers_suck fans... half of all product returns in the U.S. are due to people not being able to figure out how they work. Are all of these people stupider than average, or do some products really need better design? My guess is stupidity... we hear about too many peoplw who don't read the directions, no matter how much the companies print "FOLLOW DAMN DIRECTIONS, MORON" all over the product.

A German farmer feeds his dead friend to the pigs. So how many kinds of meat could pigs make out of people?

Singapore students create a plant that glows when it needs to be watered. They want to use this to help farmers grow better crops. So what effect does their dye have on the food and how many people are willing to eat it?

This high school wants to ban artificial scents like perfumes and scented deodorants. Deodorants may be a bit much, but we need more banning of perfume. Honestly, what good do women think it will do? Do you ever see men lingering around the perfume section? Maybe to ogle women or something, but not for the smell of it. They're probably off in Men's Clothing, sniffing a leather belt to get rid of the smell of the perfume while they watch.

A teen's sword falls off the wall and kills him. Now just watch parents start pulling swords from their children's walls across the country, rather than, say, mounting them more carefully and banning any sort of playful activity in the same room.

Another thief steals from the Girl Scouts using a fake $100 bill. The Girl Scouts have a new policy: No bills over $20.

Fake girl profiles on MySpace are luring sexual predators into the open. I guess it had to be good for something eventually.
Moa: The King of Destruction

The answers you've all been waiting for

Today's Bridge: Sucky. I had 14 points total in the last three hands, and the first one was a very weak opener.

Today's Interview Question: The anonymous detractor who's stuck by me all this time has a real mouthful this week. Collapse )

With that out of the way, let's get back to news of the day. The April issue of Shoujo Beat arrived today, and as predicted, no sign of the March issue. So I called and arranged a replacement, which they say will take 2-3 weeks. Shouldn't be too much of a surprise for it to show up tomorrow, but I think it really has been well and truly lost. Ditto my old Best Buy certificates, although I finally got one that I believe was the reissue they sent. And the ultimate conclusion on MÄR is that I was actually only on book 4. I could have sworn I'd have read that as soon as I got it, but apparently, the series dropped from my priority list as of book 3 to completely off the radar at book 4. But I'm almost done the book now. Then it will be Rave Master, which is definitely still on my priority list. Genbu Kaiden probably needs to be as well.

I might play some games, but I'll be talking to purpleparadox soon, so I'll take this time while I have it to finally reveal my favorite anime and manga characters. Here, once again, is a review of the ones that have already been guessed, followed by the ones that nobody figured out.

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Boy, it got late. purpleparadox, I blame you for being so much fun to talk to. I insist that you not change that at all so I can get used to it and learn to cope. And that's why I didn't comment on anyone else's entries tonight. It's not because I spent so long writing up those answers. Wait... yes it is. I'm a nimrod. But you like me anyway, don't you? ^_^ Please say yes.