March 3rd, 2006

RahXephon Cat

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Police believe that this guy chopped off his own legs with a chainsaw. I suppose it could be true. People have done stupider things.

A 5-year-old takes the school bus for a joyride. Not quite the youngest driver I've ever reported on, but younger than most. And this is the second time in a row where the driver was just negligent... in this case, he left the bus running while he went to throw something away. Like any kid could resist that!

The Moscow Cats Theater. Trained cats performing tricks. No, really. It's amazing. I must see it.

A forged passport is perfect except for the horrible, horrible misspellings. Surprisingly, in other contexts, misspellings seem to add an "air of authenticity" or something. Like the good old 419 scams. Remember those? Here's one more victim, with a high profile, a lot of money, and a son who just wants to prove that his father can't take care of his money. [EDIT: Better yet - CP points out that the doctor in question developed a scale for measuring cognitive impairment. It seems that, with this latest escapade, we'll be able to determine a conversion factor for that measurement in dollars sent to Nigeria.]

A teen nipple-pincher refuses to write a letter explaining his actions. That story's not as interesting as it sounds. Really.

A woman fakes her own death (poorly) to escape traffic charges. Now the charges have been amended to include forgery. She should have just paid the damn ticket. At least she probably didn't misspell anything. Her only mistake was not having the obituary published in the paper she pretended to clip it from. And pretending to be dead in the first place.

Apparently, there's a Pensacola band called "This Bike is a Pipe Bomb". Apparently, they make stickers with their name on them. Apparently, sticking one of those stickers on your bike isn't a very good idea.

A coworker and I have been talking about lawyers quite a bit this week. By now, it's no surprise that a lawyer's biggest enemy is other lawyers. But when lawyers sue other lawyers over nicknames and commercials, I think someone needs to develop a sense of humor. Then again, at least it's keeping them busy and off the streets.

The Cleveland police logo, modeled from their badge, looks like a pig.

A woman is crushed by the tree she planted 50 years ago. It's not so much funny or ironic as... well, I guess it's just different.

A teacher faces suspension for not letting a student go to the bathroom. Instead, he took a trash can into a closet, and she didn't bother to stop him. I bet her face was red!

Two guys steal a dog at gunpoint and strangle her. I just don't get what's wrong with these people.

Rug Doctor fired a worker for taking off to be with his dying wife. Now they're trying to offer him his job back, including back pay, but he's skeptical of the offer. I would be as well. He's waiting to see what unemployment has to say about the situation before he makes a decision. There's also the inevitable question of how much he could make in a lawsuit, and how suing a former employer might affect his future employability. And does he want to continue working for a company that won't even let him have a week of LWOP to spend his wife's last days with her?