February 23rd, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

An attempt at a news post

They just moved the fileserver, so computer performance is sporadic at best. Let's see how bad the worst can be.

A homeless man tries to steal a sheep from the Little Rock Zoo. All I can say to that is "Ewwwwwwwwwww." Or maybe "Ewwwwwwwwwwwe." *THWACK!* That's some cruelty to animals right there. But if you want it to look good by comparison, consider teachers demonstrating pig castration in classrooms. The animals there, of course, are the PETA people who are protesting it. CONTROVERSIAL SATEMENT! Also, this seven year old girl in New Delhi had to marry a dog because her upper teeth grew in first. Has nobody ever looked at their own religious practices and thought they seemed a bit silly?

Carjacker takes a car with a newlywed bride still in it. Then he drove into the sign of the very Taco Bell parking lot where he'd stolen the car. "Your honor... I ran into the sign, but I did NOT steal the car."

An industrious Japanese thief targeted single women by sniffing for expensive perfume and making sure they hadn't hung any men's underwear out to dry. He probably sniffed their underwear too.
Moa: The King of Destruction

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A big happy birthday to contrasol, if he's still around.

Today's Bridge: A pretty big day for me and Steve Steve and me. Collapse )

Today's Super Mario Sunshine: Nada. I've learned a few things about Yoshi, and completely failed to get the one Shine Sprite I was after after an hour or so, so I switched to DQ8. None of my new alchemy recipes have yielded anything particularly useful just yet, but I'm still looking, still traveling around, and still hoping to earn enough money to buy a Gold Rosary and lots of other stuff. I can sell the useless Turtle Shell.

I got the new DVD cabinet assembled, and this time, I got it right. It spins cleanly. I started organizing my CD collection into it as well, but many of them are in the car, or in here but their cases are in the car, and the rest are buried under stuff I don't feel like moving right now. And I don't really want to have the video games way over here, although moving some of the crappy ones I don't play couldn't hurt.

And tonight will be an anime night for sure, so I'm going to stop describing it now. Oh... and the most important thing I learned at the orientation today is that I need to figure out what job type I am before I get too far into the 86 hours of online training and four weeks of classroom courses I'm eventually going to need to take.