February 18th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today's Shopping: I got a late start because it snowed last night and my brain was frozen. More on that later. I went to Borders first and decided to pick up the Wallace and Gromit movie as well as the first book of Boogiepop, which turned out to be a novel. But that's fine. Disappointed with the take, I went to Best Buy and ordered another one of the rotating DVD cabinets, which should be delivered near the end of next week, and bought Burst Angel DVD 6, the first DVD of Code Lyoko (more on that later), and Super Mario Sunshine, as well as a carrying case for a new-style PS2. Naturally, my PS2 doesn't fit in the "PS2 carrying case", which is a bummer. I might take it back tomorrow. Then I decided to take a look at Barnes & Noble's selection. They had Dr. Slump 6, Here is Greenwood 9 (the final one of the series... rather a strange number of books to end with), Hunter x Hunter 7, I"s 6, Rurouni Kenshin 24, and All-New Tenchi Muyou 8. I picked up The Cat Who Talked Turkey from the impulse buy table, because I used to love those books years ago. Then I got four fish sandwiches from Arby's with a coupon. The total came out to $8.48, so I handed him a ten, then gave him two pennies and asked for two quarters in change, as well as the obvious dollar bill. Anyone see the problem here? I got my four cents back, and the manager handed me a bag with only two fish sandwiches in it. Fortunately, he told me that was what was inside, and I waited for the other two.

I got the Lyoko DVD because I've become interested in the series over the past few weeks, before which I hated its existence on incomprehensible general principles that ultimately don't matter. I still have issues with the series, but given the problems, it's not bad. I was hoping that the first DVD of the first season would have some sort of origin episode to explain the situation and how it came to be, but there was no such thing. I guess you're just supposed to watch episodes and get the point and not wonder how the towers in Lyoko affect time in Earth and why it's such a big problem if anyone finds out about the kids and their mission, or how Jeremy met Aelita in the first place. And what kind of parent names their child Odd.

Super Mario Sunshine is fun so far, although I can definitely see how parts of it are/will be annoying. I got everything from the first area, and several blue coins in the plaza, then ended with the first Shine Sprite at the harbor. Then it was time for the evening cartoons, so I added a new story scene to my RPG. Basically, it gives you a free item that will reduce the first boss's defense quite a bit. Should make things a bit easier. I suppose I could also make it an accessory that will protect against that specific type of enemy, but the one-time item fits the style of the story a bit better.

I think most of my plans for the weekend have gone up in smoke. I don't know what happened to sakanagai, although it's probably either a tornado-induced power outage or a kegger, and I won't be able to give hicat more of a visit than I did last week... so it looks like it's shaping up to be a long weekend of lounging and passing the time any way I can. At least I may finally be able to read the mangazines and watch that episode that's been sitting in my DVD player all week. Oh... and bake my Oreo cake. That's an upside for sure.