February 15th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

News from the Nether Regions

Yet another researcher is in our court, advocating that the Valentine's heart shape is actually based on the female buttocks. That's still my favored theory over its two obvious competitors.

Another digital TV box sends a distress signal. I think they all do that when forced to show Dora the Explorer.

A sheep sodomizer doesn't want to be registered as a sex offender. Here's a crazy idea that's so out there it's probably not even worth considering, but just to put the thought out there... IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE REGISTERED AS A SEX OFFENDER, DON'T HAVE SEX WITH SHEEP! It's not that hard, really... particularly considering all the trouble you'd need to go through in the course of violating that simple premise.

When you get three strikes in a row in bowling, they call it a turkey. So what's it called if you bowl three perfect 300 games in a row? The answer: Today's Sports News and fifteen minutes of fame for Lonnie Billiter Jr. There will be a quiz in half an hour to see if any of you remember his name.

A couple who met while grieving their former spouses will get married at the funeral home. Call me crazy, but something seems wrong to me when you're not only basing a relationship and marriage around death, but you're CELEBRATING that fact. But then, I think it's a smart idea not to have sex with sheep, so what do I know?

Four teens not only broke into a house under renovation several times, but they spent a night there and ordered pizza. The stupidity is overwhelming.

*sigh* Another arrestee drives off in the patrol car. Honestly, haven't the police learned from their mistakes yet? This should cause policy changes, and probably equipment changes, that should sweep the country like the Macarena!

A crazy passenger jumps out of a plane's access door while it's not even moving and gets injured. It reminds me so much of The Demented Cartoon Movie, where the guy runs into the brick wall for no reason and his head falls off.

A search party finds the man who's been hiding out since losing $40,000 on the Super Bowl. At least it's more sensible than running from your own wedding and pretending to have been kidnapped. As for losing money betting on sporting events... well, you all know the drill by now.

Penis surgery is disappointing. But that's not news to anyone except the idiots who think anything they read in spam makes sense quarterly unicorn apricot. It's just an excuse to say "penis" a few more times in the article, like the buttocks one about the heart.
Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today's Bridge: Twice in a row, I've been dealt out by the random cards. But we've added the obvious rule that if you get dealt out one day, you get a free ace the next day. I have a feeling I'll be getting a lot of free aces. I'm almost glad I didn't play today, though, because I saw some of the strangest distributions today... including a hand where Kelly ended up raising Steve to 6D even though she only had one, and he only had five... and Paul had five. Yet, as miraculous as it seems, the contract was entirely makeable. Collapse ) There were some high-profile, high-scoring doubled sets as well, mainly due to wild splits. Crazy day of cards, for sure.

Today's Work: We managed to replicate an actual problem with the data link, which required some careful timing to do and has undoubtedly always been a problem, since it was in a part of the code that we never touched (significantly) while doing the upgrade. The operator has less than a third of a second each 30 second period to screw this up, and it's easily remedied as long as they notice the problem. However, we (I) came up with two ways to fix in within a few hours, and I'm going to go with the one that's more complicated and requires a mutex, but prevents the problem entirely rather than merely fixing it shortly after it crops up. Either way would probably be acceptable, but this way is neater. I need to stick the mutex in there tomorrow. I also have another document to peer review. We're not getting much time on them, but this is a rapid delivery.

Today's DQ8: Collapse )

hicat seems to enjoy watching Naruto at me over AIM. It's an experience you have to have to have.