February 14th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

Romantic news for V-Day

After all, what could be more romantic than knowing that while men appreciate a woman with a good sense of humor, women appreciate a man with money? How about couples getting matching nose jobs? Nah, you're right. It's better to just go stare at New Zealand's bra fence.

Woman tries to buy pot from a police evidence locker. No, really. They come that stupid.

I heard that there was a nasty accident on I-65 during the recent snowstorm, but there was an 86-car pileup in Michigan. That's Final Destination 2 shtip right there. Almost makes me eager for the third one.

A thief sick from guilt returns his loot. Now why can't they all do that?

Tanzanian baby caught drinking dog's milk. And Lister thought the very idea was disgusting. "Lasts longer than any other type of milk, dog's milk. Because no bugger'll drink it."

A neighborhood charter prohibits an Arkansas man from posting the Ten Commandments in his yard. He thinks they're picking on him, and he may be right, but there's nothing to fan the flames of legal action quite like bringing religion into the picture.

A Romanian man ditches his taxi in Germany, then calls for another one and gets the same driver. "In Germany, the scene of the crime returns to you!"

Bolivian officials want coca leaves fed to school children. It's a bit like cannabis, glue, aerosol, and cough syrup. There are so many useful and healthy things you can do with them that it's a shame they're famous for being harmful drugs.

Hunter mistakes friend's elbow for squirrel and shoots it. Good thing it wasn't Cheney again... he aims for the face.
Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today's Bridge: For the most part, we didn't do too badly. The real swing hand was a 4S where I had a heart void and CP had six of them to the K-Q-10. Somehow, Kelly had ended up with six hearts and four spades, which made the entire hand absolutely wretched. Despite three top diamonds and no real spade losers, my need to ruff losing clubs and the failure to have anything even resembling a decent heart split had me off two vulnerable. The amusing part is that since Mike's ace of hearts was a singleton, had I led a low heart instead of the king early on, I might have had a shot at making it.

Today's Work: We found some interesting error messages popping up in testing, but I determined that they were due to having upwards of 200 tracks going out the affected data link at a time. Oddly, we tried to replicate the problem later and had somewhere around 400 tracks up without a problem. At least, that problem. The good news is that none of it really broke the link, and it always bounced back and functioned fine, without any crippling errors or crashes.

Today's DQ8: I made more stuff. That was pretty much it... the fighting was negligible. I did find a few new chests in an area I should have explored long ago but didn't, and they gave me some very useful items, but at the moment, I'm quite torn because of the apparent rarity of a particular object. Collapse )

I failed at being early tonight. It was all because I wanted to watch House. But I can't blame the program for being good. Nor can I blame Death Note for doing something that I worry will probably disappoint me. I watched the "pox party" episode of The Simpsons yesterday, and there was a news report about them tonight. Interesting timing, I thought, although obviously not as interesting as it would have been had I watched it today. (The news report could have been yesterday, but I wouldn't have known about it.) Then I realized that the pox party episode was on Fox rather than on the DVD I watched... so it's no coincidence at all. Why didn't you Indianapolis-area Fox-watching peoples stop me? Letting me make a fool of myself... I oughtta disown all of yas. Except I can't, because you're too good to me for that. Maybe a finger wag and some sort of clicking sounds made with my tongue or uvula.