February 13th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

It's much more news!

As usual, a weekend's worth of news in a few minutes.

Boy admits to stabbing his mother 111 times. Why? Because she caught him learning how to make a bomb. She knew too much. And anyone arguing about his mental health should take note: apparently, HE COUNTED.

The Finns love Conan, so when the candidate he supported in their election won, he said he wanted to be appointed the Cabinet sauna inspector. It's just a shame he no longer writes for The Simpsons.

This guy may not be eligible for a Darwin, but he still captures the essence of sanitizing the gene pool. He drove his car through a showroom and set it on fire because he felt he'd paid too much for it, and after he got arrested, he hanged himself in an airplane lavatory. Something was very wrong with that guy... I suspect it was his brain. Or lack thereof.

A kid in Fort Wayne handed out ecstasy to his busmates, thinking it was candy. I presume he hadn't tasted it himself first.

Clearly, whether most of us believe in either side or not, there's a war going on between Islam and the rest of the world. I don't think either side is right, and I don't think either side is using methods that support their cause. There are Muslims trying to further their cause with cyber-terrorism, and even real terrorism (I don't think I need to provide a story for that)... and there are anti-Muslims printing the title of the Quran on toilet paper.

Guy rolls two cars in one day. You'd think most people would be more careful after the first one.

Bush leaves the microphone on. And somehow manages not to say anything particularly embarrassing in the meantime. Maybe it was on purpose, to "prove" that he's not saying anything different behind closed doors?

Dentist may have prescribed pills for drug addicts in exchange for sex. But that's normal anymore.

A woman posts "sex offender" signs in her neighborhood... and on the wrong house. It's illegal even if she'd been at the right house. Sex offenders have rights too... just not as many of them.

More from good old Indiana... Someone changed the value of a $121 thousand house to $400 million, screwing up the tax rates in Valparaiso and Porter County. So if you've always been complaining that your taxes are too high... maybe they were.

Betty Bell whistles through her toes. That sounds like an adult film premise to me.

This burglar not only stole stuff, cooked meals, showered, and changed clothes, but he also checked his E-mail on a victim's computer. Authorities think they know who it was because he forgot to log out.

A woman marries her man right after he pleads guilty and gets a prison sentence of at least ten years. A recent conversation I had turned up that love and logic never seem to coincide... it's easy to tell which one is any given individual's priority.

The word "cool" is still cool. And articles about how cool the word "cool" is are still lame.

The mayor of New York fires a city employee for playing solitaire on his computer. Ouch! It's a good thing I spend my work day doing my job and don't do inappropriate stuff like play games or make news posts. Even more inappropriate in New York politics were X-rated fortune cookies delivered to a political party among G-rated ones that had been custom-made.

Thieves, possibly from Arkansas, steal a climbing wall from Tennessee. Yet another job from the Mouse files.

A doctor in Hilo used a screwdriver shaft instead of a titanium back brace for an operation years ago, and is just now facing trial. That's not what they meant by using the right tools for the job.
Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today's Bridge: We came up with a new way of deciding which foursome gets to play when we have more than four people... we put the four aces in a pile along with spot cards and deal one to each person. The people with like-colored aces are partners, and spot cards sit out. I got the first spot card by the new method, so I got to watch an interesting rubber. Dan raised Paul's 2S opener to 4H and made it with an overtrick, and that was probably the high point even though that side lost.

Today's Car Noises: I think a belt is loose. I've been hearing it since Sunday, but whether it's because of something Jiffy Lube did, or it was a problem before and I've only noticed it since the oil change, or the fact that it started just then is a complete coincidence, I have no idea. I want to get it in for a repair, but Monday is a holiday, so I don't particularly want to take a short day only to have a free day less than a week later. I'll listen carefully on the way to work tomorrow and see if it sounds any worse. Either way, I'll call for the appointment tomorrow and ask whether (a) they have an opening before Monday (which they probably will) and (b) whether a loose belt would require more immediate attention than one week. If that's what it is. It could be that the belt tightener they just installed is loose or having problems. The good news is that I'm pretty sure it's not the exhaust again. It's a completely different sound.

Today's DQ8: I got to the end of the area I'm in, then Evaced because I didn't feel like fighting a boss after all that walking. Collapse ) Is that worth having Trode yell at me because I'm almost 100 hours into the game and still haven't beaten it yet? Yeah... I think so.

Today's Writing: Collapse )

So I'm writing again, and actually turning out material. That's good. You people out there on my friends list who are in rough situations (which is pretty much all of you at this point... it hasn't been a very good month for anyone, has it? Good thing it's the shortest), take heart. Even if what you do seems to suck, you're still doing something, and that's progress. Unfortunately, I tend to end with humor and don't want to seem like I'm making light of anyone's situation, so I'll post two reminders to myself for tomorrow: Post earlier so you can finish the Now and Then, Here and There DVD, and don't make a freaking sandwich for lunch when there's pizza in the fridge. Also, I don't care anymore whether I can understand what's going on in Trigun Maximum or not... it has mostly surpassed the anime by the inclusion of particular details, mainly related to Vash's backstory. I may sound like a traitor in the eyes of sarahtheboring for saying it, but I hope to mitigate that with my horrendous mixed metaphor.

Look over there! A distraction! *runs away*