February 12th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

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I had a nice chat with arrowchan this morning, and that was my morning. Good stuff. It was a great way to unwind as the weekend drew to a close, or so it felt. I played a bit of Psychonauts on the new memory card before heading out for food, then played some more after I got home, because it was still snowing very lightly. The last thing I wanted to do today was drive to Greenwood Park Mall in the snow. So that's exactly what I ended up doing. For all that, the trip wasn't long enough to be crippling, and while I didn't get to spend much time chatting with hicat (we need to arrange to do something afterward one of these weekends), we did meet, and I found Death Note 4 as well as Louie the Rune Soldier 2 at the Waldenbooks there. I also picked up Galaxy Girl, Panda Boy and the first book of Hurrah! SAILor, to get one of them free with my $10 off card. On the way home, for some reason, I had a brief thought about toilets in The Flintstones and wondering whether they were ever made of animals, even though I was pretty sure they weren't. Take a guess which episode of Family Guy is on tonight. Or one of the scenes in it. No, really. Speaking of tonight's Fox shows, The Simpsons had a takeoff of The O.C. tonight, which I'm pretty sure I've seen before, and now that I've seen four seasons of commentaries, I know how they managed it and why. Not that it's a big surprise that they keep ripping on Fox because it's free, but now I know for sure having heard it from the staff.

I got home and started heating a pizza, but I was hungry while I waited, having eaten nothing the whole day but half a Burger King chicken sangwich, so I made a Pepperoni Pizza Hot Pocket Sub, and for once, it heated properly the first time. Normally, I have to heat it up twice as long as the box says, then wait a few minutes and reheat it because it's still frozen, but this time it was perfect the first time. Maybe a little too hot, because the filling only filled half of the pocket. It was a Hot Half-Pocket. I attribute that to having made only one, when I normally make two at a time. I washed that down with a packet of Hershey's Kissables that I'd brought with me on the trip and forgot to take with me into the mall, and then when the pizza came out, I had a slice and dipped the stuffed cheese crust in ranch dip that expired in November, and then I waited a few minutes and ate another slice, even though I was full. That was because I hadn't eaten anything but half a chicken sangwich.

Trigun Maximum is almost starting to make sense, but I think that's because they've explained a few things that never happened in the anime. So stuff makes sense that didn't ever have a chance to not make sense. And why "sangwich"?