February 8th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today's Bridge: CP and I came out on top, thanks to pushing up the opponents' bids and doubling one that was doomed to a two-trick set. Paul used his ace of trump to ruff a trick that Kelly had already won, giving us a 5C contract that CP had bid in tilt mode after misplaying a 3NT. I didn't get to play any hands.

Today's Work: The mandatory briefing wasn't as bad as I expected. The Captain is an energetic and entertaining speaker, and what was discussed probably isn't going to affect me directly, but I won't say any more than that.

Today's Gaming: I did a little more work on my RPG, mostly to confirm that dungeon switches are almost completely useless. They can't be tied to doors, traps, or normal chests. Let's go over that again, shall we? Dungeon switches can't be tied to doors, traps, or normal chests. The sample game has one example of the use of a switch, and it just makes a key appear on a pedestal. How believable is that? "Oh, look... I never noticed that key before." You can also tie it to objects placed in the dungeon, and add events to make those objects disappear, for example. That seems to be the only real way to make a switch open a passageway. I might do something like create a statue that comes alive and attacks the party when a switch has been flipped. But there's really not that much you can do in a dungeon, which is a shame. Yet another freedom I'll miss from the original RPG Maker. Oh well. Once I got bored with that, I switched to Jak X, only to discover that it doesn't like my 32 MB memory card. At first, it tried to save a file and kept registering a failure, and then it couldn't see the card at all. When I checked the card, it had corrupted data on it. I deleted the 1100 KB file, which I think was the Jak 3 save I'd copied over (and a good thing I had... if I hadn't buffered the card with more data, it would have corrupted the RPG Maker 3 files), but there's a 4 KB file and a ? KB file that can't be deleted. I think it's like having a few bad sectors on a hard drive... it's still usable, and it just marks the bad spots so they can't be used. I decided to try the original Jak & Daxter, and that read the file on the card just fine, but I didn't try writing it. I figured maybe it was having problems with new files, so I made one with Castlevania, and no problem there either. So I'll just have to delete some stuff from one of the old memory cards and use that for Jak X. My days of card-swapping aren't as over as I'd hoped, it seems. Unless I've just got a bad copy of Jak X... I don't want to ruin an old memory card, but I'll have to chance it with a backed-up file. I'll need to experiment further to see which games can handle the bigger memory card and which ones can't. And maybe copy the Jak X save to the new card to see if it can handle using a file that already exists.

Paid my state taxes today, so I'm all squared away there. I could be much worse off, I'm sure. The week is finally half over... it's been dragging hard, yet in retrospect, I hardly noticed it. I think the rest of the week will be more hectic, though. We've got a software delivery in a week and a half or so, and we still don't have the lab in running condition to do our testing.