February 6th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

It's news!

The sense of smell decreases while lying down. The prevailing theory, and the one that probably makes the most sense, is that it's for sleep preparedness. It could also be that, while lying down on a surface, the nose is in closer proximity to where butts or feet or both have recently been.

200-pound catamount statue stolen from University of Vermont. Well, it was actually taken to a local business for cleaning and stolen from there. But it's just as reprehensible. Catamount thieves will never catamount to anything.


A Snickers pie is declared one of the least healthy foods ever. Sounds good to me... where can I get the recipe?

We've all heard of crooks breaking into places and doing all sorts of weird things while looking for stuff to steal, including washing the dishes, doing homework, or cooking meals. This crook in Norway broke into a school and did math problems... and nothing else. "According to local law enforcement officials a good job was done and all of the problems were solved correctly." But was there actually another motive? We may never know.

A Canadian man, apparently named "", thinks he doesn't have to pay taxes because they're demanded using his legal name, and he only answers to that if he's sufficiently distracted. Those wacky Canadians...

A sailor in New York gets a reply to his message-inna-bottle from England, telling him to stop littering. I'm quite sure that's been done in at least one comic strip. I do wonder, though, whether Henry Biggelsworth is a real guy or a Monty Python fan. (I think that's where I saw a Biggelsworth before.)

Man caught stealing morphine from his dead mother's IV. At least it didn't take him long to get over his grief.

Colossal idiot tries to sell cocaine to a uniformed police officer sitting in his marked squad car.

North Dakota driver has racked up 420 points on his license, which has been suspended for 20 years. And why do they keep letting him get back on the road? He's finally in jail, for an entire year (big whoop) minus the time he spends getting treatment for his alcoholism. You know, there comes a point when you just have to lock them up for a good, long time, and I think it was well over a decade ago.

Guy drives up the steps of the Rhode Island Statehouse, then parks. They charged him with possession of a weapon because he had scissors in the car, in addition to the various other charges. So is having scissors in a car a crime now? This is what makes me start losing respect for law enforcement.

And to end on a sad-disturbing note, a woman who will be getting married in July had her face torn apart by a cement block thrown from an overpass. I may not believe in true karma or divine justice, but whoever did that... suffer forever and ever. More and more. And through it all, feel the hatred of all of us burning you. I used up all the language I had for that kind of hatred in FCM chapter 2... but know that you get all of it and more.
Moa: The King of Destruction

Good Lord, I'll never have lesbian sex again!

With that line, Dave Davenport sums up just about everything that makes Narbonic so much fun.

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RPG Maker 3 showed up today, so I went to Best Buy for a keyboard, and they were out. I decided to try Sam Goody next, and they're going out of business. Everything in the store is 20% off, so I bought the keyboard, a 32 MB memory card (I wanted a smaller one, but they were locked up and I didn't feel like waiting to get someone's attention to get at them), seasons 3 and 4 of King of the Hill, Jak X Combat Racing, and Castlevania: Curse of Darkness. Might as well. I spent the rest of the evening building a very crude start for an RPG, which will obviously improve as I devote more time to balancing levels and fixing the gaping flaws. Having a staircase behind a locked door does me no good if the character can reach the staircase without opening the door. Yay, game physics. I also decided to put a bag in the corner of the hero's house, in which he keeps his sword and two gold pieces. It's also got a trap on it. The battles weren't too bad, but I didn't level up enough before fighting my Baby Ants. One of them poisoned me, and it was then that I discovered that I really need to put something into my game that cures poison. It's a real shame that it doesn't let you edit how often an effect happens. I'll eventually have lots of spells and items and monsters, within the limits on everything that the game sets out. It's not half as liberal as the first RPG Maker was.

Obviously, most other games aren't going to get much use over the weekends for a while. The bad news is that the keyboard didn't work in the bottom USB port. It was fine in the top one, so I'll try the headset in the bottom. But I think there's a very real possibility that my system only has one working USB port. Ugh.

I've got a nasty, somewhat painful spot right at the base of my spine. I expect that it was just a pimple or something, but I'll have to keep my eye on it for a while to see what it does. This means a lot of staring at my naked butt in the mirror. This is what my life has come to. Joy.