February 5th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

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I decided to stay up all night last night, so I'm looking forward to turning in a bit early tonight and maybe getting a sleep schedule in order. I played most of Psychonauts straight through, from about 2:30 to noon, stopping only after finishing the Gloria's Theater level. I just remembered that I never did go back to collect the last three cobwebs from Basic Braining, but they wouldn't do me any good anyway. I think I'm getting pretty good at thoroughly cleaning out the race so I don't have to go through it hundreds of times to search for the last three figments. I eventually went back to DQ8, making mostly useless artifacts, but as usual, I have ideas for future possibilities. And I finally figured out how to make the last ingredient I needed for the ultimate ring... although one of those, I found somewhere, and I haven't yet figured out how to make more of it. I also re-watched the first ten episodes of Bullshit season 1, because that was something I didn't have to pay attention to while I did my taxes.

I finally filed my taxes today... I owed about $650 total between federal and state. I still have no idea how my deductions can fall so far short of adequately covering the tax when I fill out the forms exactly as instructed. *shrug* Probably time to go raise the withholding on my W-4.

I bought frozen shrimp today as well as all the usual stuff. I was going to get Jambalaya mix, but they were out of Zatarain's, and I didn't really want to use Chicken Helper for that. I may just thaw them for later in the week. I also picked Pepperoni, Salami, and Ham for my lunch meats this week, as a sort of pizza theme. Should be interesting, although I regret not having been able to get mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce. I'll give them a go with Swiss and mayo and see how it turns out.

Since I had lots of manga time today, I finished Kare Kano 13 and Dragonball Z 24, and I've started Chikyu Misaki at long last. Piro's right... it's very cute. I'm still waiting to see more of what comes of the storyline, but the characters are working so far. Lots of potty humor results, though. Perhaps something should feel more wrong about young girls trying to teach a creature-turned-boy how to use a toilet, and him peeing all over them, than it does. But I'm going to file that under the same category as assembling the Cardcaptor Sakura figurines and wait until RPG Maker 3 arrives, which will hopefully be tomorrow.