January 29th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today's Manga: Some long-anticipated books, including Genshiken 4 (which will cover the last episode and a half of the anime, then continue on, hopefully explaining that mysterious character who showed up at the end), Boys Be 8, Nodame Cantabile 4, Guru-Guru Pon-Chan 3, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne 2, Fullmetal Panic Overload 3, and Tenjou Tenge 5. I also finally got around to spending my Sam Goody store credit on the first two seasons of Arrested Development (sakanagai would be proud... I'm sure it was on his list of Christmas presents to get me) and the first season of King of the Hill. I watched the last episode of Guu on the DVD and went back to check out the dub... I didn't like Haru's girly voice, and while Guu's voice had good intonation, it just lacked something.

In fact, it turns out that Anime Castle was OUT OF STOCK of RPG Maker 3, so I did the unthinkable... I ordered it from Amazon. Standard shipping was about $8, so I presume it's USPS. Now to hope I don't have to go on travel in the next week or so... which reminds me that I haven't yet contacted USPS again regarding my earlier complaint. Not only have I not heard from anyone local, but I found out this week that more of my mail was returned, as long ago as April or May. I don't predict any problems, though, other than having to wait until I can procure a keyboard and an extra memory card before I start making my RPG. Of course, I should probably do some planning first, but I expect that the easiest way to proceed will be to start working and see what sorts of things I can do that wouldn't be expected.

I read most of the January issue of Shoujo Beat... still have Godchild left to read before I move on to the other two magazines. And the new Shounen Jump should be arriving sometime in the next week and a half or so. I found an interesting place in DQ8 and fought tough enemies. But in only 50,000 experience points, Jessica will be at her maximum Sex Appeal. That could take a long time. Meanwhile, I watched the first seven episodes or so of The Simpsons season 4, with commentary (sadly devoid of most of the voice actors... Hank Azaria and Jon Lovitz are in one episode. Conan O'Brien does more than that), and baked toffee brownies. They should be cool enough in a few more days.

There was an interesting manager at Burger King, though. I went in at about 10:32 to order lunch, and as I walked in, he let me know that they still had a few breakfast items left. It took them a few minutes to set up lunch and cook my sandwiches, and he apologized several times while confirming that I really wanted lettuce and mayo as well as cheese. He also made a big point of pointing out that there's a number on the back of the receipt for a survey that I can take to get a free Whopper or chicken sandwich. He really emphasized that the survey matters and that it's so important that I take it... and that I get a free sandwich. And it's important. And the sandwich. Which is free. Which sandwich? The sandwich which is free. Not a sandwhich. Maybe it's because I was the only one in line, but I found it just a bit annoying how much he fell over himself to satisfy me when I was already plenty satisfied. It made me think that there must be some kind of new policy where the managers get in trouble if they don't get enough positive survey responses, or they get a promotion if they get enough good ones. Even if that's true, it seems a bit pushy to me.

No word on whether I'll actually buy Evangelion Platinum or not at this point. Anime Nation and Anime Castle could both be viable retailers, and I'll also want to check their stocks of Louie the Rune Soldier manga while I'm at it. And has anyone heard about the We Love Katamari soundtrack? I'm too lacking of free time at the moment to look. If nothing else, I want to clear up all doubts about the lyrical content of Everlasting Love.

I passed the time during my shower thinking about what, exactly, makes me like Japanese anime more than the English dubbed versions. I have a specific gripe about Guu, and several other series, but in many cases, I just like the Japanese more without real qualification. I may talk more about that later, particularly if people comment with their own thoughts. I'm sure at least one person will.