January 27th, 2006

RahXephon Cat

Very late news

There was no news this morning, and then we started moving stuff, so this is the first chance I have to report. And we'll be moving again soon. And I'm at my desktop computer, which apparently doesn't run Firefox properly. Ick.

Another driver caught using a mannequin in a HOV lane. At least it wasn't a fetus.

A high school Spanish teacher was suspended for showing "The 40 Year Old Virgin" in class. I remember when I happened to have "The Meaning of Life" in my backpack on a day when one of my classes didn't have much to do... boy, did the teacher get to that Stop button quickly!

Recycling workers find ammunition and a loaded gun. Can guns and bullets even be recycled?

A crack dealer in Leavenworth, Kansas, hands out business cards. The police find one and arrange a successful bust. At least he doesn't have far to go... assuming he chooses ten years in Leavenworth over eleven years in Tenworth.

A robber unsatisfied with his haul from a restaurant goes back to rob it again and ends up shooting himself in the foot. Literally and figuratively.

A cat turns on an electric range, starting a fire that kills it. Oops-nya.

A jail escapee falls down a hill and has to be rescued by police. His request for a quick breather followed by a two-minute head start afterward was denied.

Public toilets in Paris will soon be free, thanks to government subsidies. They're doing it so they don't have to clean up after the homeless. Just the lazy.

A university sends a sex hotline number to overseas applicants. The story even includes the recap of previous sex line gaffes, so I don't have to do it. How convenient is THAT? They wonder why the mistake hasn't been caught in the several years since the wrong number was printed... but it's simple. Other sex line mistakes are sent out to groups containing many senior citizens. This one was sent to university students. Do the math.

This wedding will be freaky. The Scorpion Queen marries the Centipede King and they hold the honeymoon in a coffin? Why didn't she just marry The Rock?
Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today's Bridge: Day three of crappy hands week. Yet another day when my partner and I had garbage the whole time, with one good hand that Kelly failed to make. It was a 4S bid, and we were missing two aces and the offside king of spades. Kelly set up my long club, but didn't have any entries left to cash it. I mentioned that had she pulled all of the trump, despite the bad split, she could run the clubs and sluff her losing heart on my long one to make the contract. But it wouldn't have helped us much, even though we did set some of their contracts.

Today's Work: The brunt of the moving, mainly. We boxed up the rest of the stuff we want the movers to carry for us, labeled the furniture, and carried the computers over to the new building. We discovered that the main door locks at 3, at least on Fridays, and we won't be given the access code. Our code has a smaller door off to the side that looks more like a slum entrance and is halfway across the building from the elevator, so using it to carry up equipment would be a major pain. So we wedged the door open. Pass unreasonable security rules on people, and you'll find yourself without. I still have all of my own furniture to move, but I'll wait until Monday, when our server will hopefully be set up so I can do some actual work. Maybe. I still need to install Fedora Core 4 so Firefox will (hopefully) run again. And I've got my phone and some assorted papers and CDs to carry over there, unless I decide to trash the CDs, since they're long obsolete. And my chair with the broken armrest will die a painful burny death, or be used by the next poor soul to take over the building. I vote for burning.

More DQ8... a new town, more levels (mainly Chilling Chuckle), and a victory at rank B, although I had to go through four times and used up all of my money to do it. I know which party worked, though, so I'll use that party next time and just keep trying until I win a bit cheaper. Healing is good, unless the enemies use a 200+ HP attack on your healer before it gets weak enough to do the healing. Having two attacks in a turn... is better than good. It's GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT!

I watched the commentary for the toad-licking episode of Family Guy followed by Flight of the Navigator. I'd forgotten that Sarah Jessica Parker was in it, as well as the voice of Paul Reubens. Some memories.

Tomorrow, it's another Terre Haute trip to use my $10 Waldenbooks coupon and hang out with sakanagai one more time before a big job offer comes along and sweeps him out of the state for good. Knock on wood. If I can't find RPG Maker there, I'll probably order it from Anime Castle and take the opportunity to order some more hard-to-find anime DVDs or manga.

Remind me tomorrow to see if I can dig up the legacy entry about the 28-month planner, or I'll just post it here. I found it while I was cleaning off my desk and had to bring it home.