January 19th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

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There's a spam mail in my junk folder with the predictable subject "GettingNasty". The sender? "Grandma". Obviously, this is meant to cater to a very small slice of the usual porn-consuming population, probably those who enjoyed the "Granny A-Go-Go" Omake from Blue Seed and want more of the same.

Now I think I'M going to be making a post about morning sickness.
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News, including some LJ news

I think it's important for everyone to note that journals and communities are now using subdomain names (see the LJ news page for details). My cookies were set up to allow only www.livejournal.com, so I had to change the allowance to livejournal.com in order to stay logged in while visiting other journals.

Oregon woman has one foot in the grave for an hour. Reminds me a bit of King's Quest 7.

Extortionists threaten a million-dollar advertising website for ransom with a DDoS attack. I guess cyber-terrorism just doesn't have the same impact as the real-world stuff.

Cute picture time: Aochan the snake and Gohan ("meal") the hamster are best friends at the Tokyo Zoo. We're still waiting for the morning when Aochan wakes up with a full belly, screaming "What have I done? What have I done?" But only Harry Potter will be able to understand him.

Man fakes own death to avoid paying child support. He's a hero to deadbeat dads everywhere. Wasn't there a statue to that on one of the Fox cartoons?

When a fully-clothed Desperate Housewives star fails to add sex appeal to a car show exhibit. a woman sneaks in after hours to pose naked on top of the Dodge Challenger. Meanwhile, this guy buried his BMW so he could collect insurance rather than replacing the blown engine. I guess that car had all four tires in the grave.

Another life-saving cat wakes her family to get them out of a burning mobile home. I guess it's a big deal when cats do that because it's no surprise when a dog does.

Poop spill on I-5 in Washington. It was a big mess because they hadn't run it through the deodorizing machine. Just imagine hearing that on the traffic report. Collapse )

Want to know what the real secret to weight loss is? Motivation. If you're properly motivated, you can do it. And what could be better motivation than losing enough weight to escape from an Australian prison through a tiny gap? Probably nothing, until they decide that skinny men don't have to pay child support. Then the deadbeat dads will really start working out.
Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today's Bridge: Kelly and Dan decided to team up against Paul and me again, and we still came out on top. Then we played one final hand, and Paul raised to 5D to beat their 4S, which we decided would have been off one. Ours was off one because Dan led the ace of hearts and Kelly got a heart ruff... but strangely, I'd rather be off one doubled than the opponents be off one doubled, because it means that with imperfect defense, they might make the contract. My big moment was realizing that I'd set up the nine of diamonds on the board, but the board was out of high cards to use as entries. I forget how long it took me to notice that I still had a diamond to lead up to it. -_-

Today's Birthday Cavalcade: My first commission! I think. livali has chosen the V for Victory pose for Tomoyo, which is quite an interesting take on the character. Very nice work, and thanks. In other Tomoyo art news... this will offend you. If you're not afraid, you might be the one person on my list who will understand why I linked that. Maybe two, if the other one has a good memory.

The afternoon DJ on my favorite radio station said it best... the weather this week has been schizophrenic. It was 60 on Monday, then it snowed on Tuesday. It was still snowy Wednesday, and today, I took my coat off as soon as I stepped outside. 60 again. I have no idea what's going on anymore. However, I got another UPS shipping notification, which I can only assume means that Anime Nation got a copy of Grenadier 3 in stock and have sent it to me. I should be getting the confirmation E-mail from them any minute now.

I didn't really do anything special to celebrate today, but I had the rest of the apple crisp, which I probably would have made three servings otherwise. Also a big scoop of ice cream. And I beat a few more bosses in Mega Man X3 and collected a few more items, including two more energy tanks, more hearts, and one ride armor. That armor isn't in any of the levels I've completed, though, so I need to watch for it in the other four. Then there's the matter of the mod chips, I think. I've got the leg armor, which I'm sure will be the most useful, but I forget where the four mod chips were and what they do. I'll find them all soon enough.

Now I must run... tonight, no matter what, I'm watching another episode of Rune Soldier. And if I stay up too late, that will be really hard on me tomorrow morning. If I've forgotten anything, I'll fill it in later. Thanks for all the birthday wishes, everyone! I think this has been the most friendly birthday I've ever had. ^_^