January 6th, 2006

RahXephon Cat

Multinational news

I post lots of news about other countries, but today, I'm posting some.

This Chinese company will only hire people born in the Year of the Dog. Unfortunately, the most famous one is already a professional writer. I guess some people just love dogs that much. This couple found a sitter for their puppies but left their children home alone while they vacationed in Vegas.

A woman's suit against Lowe's for having been attacked by a bird was thrown out. For once, the judge concluded that a sensible person would know to watch for birds in areas with plants. Just like a sensible person won't jam a hot curling iron up their nose. What amuses me is that the woman was willing to admit that she suffered $75,000 in injuries from a single bird attack. Why, it's almost as embarrassing as being robbed by a bunch of girls, although they didn't actually manage to get anything from the pizza delivery guy. I guess the guy with the knife from the upstairs apartment was late.

A couple find a condom painstakingly inserted into an unshelled filbert nut. Too bad it wasn't a walnut from Wal-Mart... that would probably have made a better joke.

Somebody watched too much "Catch Me If You Can". A would-be bank robber is easily located because of his personalized "FINDME" license plate. He didn't even get any money.

Three sisters give birth on three consecutive days in the same hospital. It makes planning the birthday parties either really easy or very complicated. They could take a three-day birthday vacation or something.

A guy angry about a parking ticket torches the city's Christmas tree. It's a shame they didn't cover it with flame-retardant spray.

A $20 bill with a Del Monte sticker attached is selling for over $10,000. It'll almost buy you dinner for two at a nice restaurant. And I'm aware that the sticker actually is considered a misprint, because the serial number is stamped over it. But it's just a one-of-a-kind object.

This four-year-old boy is on the no-fly list. I didn't realize that was still around.

Soap operas do a bad job of portraying the comatose. If they actually felt that they needed to do a study on the subject, I think soap opera writers aren't the only clueless ones.

And now for the international news. Meat vendors in Shanghai are selling cat meat as mutton. It's another cat story, so the cat icon comes out, but it reminds me that LJ has graciously provided me with space for three more icons, so Mint may be making a return someday.

A condo owner in Vancouver poisons city-owned trees to improve her view. She bought the herbicide in the States, probably to avoid traceability. Which is funny when you think about it, because some Canadians are so paranoid about the Patriot Act that they refuse to do business with the U.S. And they're probably not wrong about that, although the guy who paid his credit card bill pennies at a time to protest his company outsourcing to the States may have gone a bit far. He also wants to abolish NAFTA. Hasn't he heard the expression "NAFTA, NAFTA, because we hafta"?

L.A. drivers may be handing their car keys to beautiful women when Girls Valet Parking hires out women in costumes of choice to work as valets. They say they'll do anything short of topless or nude. Of course, they say half of their business is for traditional valet outfits. Let's wait and see what will become the next tradition.

A modern-day Romeo and Juliet story in Cyprus. No word yet on whether they plan to kill themselves in a sacrifice to bring the two sides into harmony, but the smart money says that if they do, nothing will change. Death doesn't influence politics for the better, unless it's the death of a politician.

Wal-Mart gives its investors a parody song to lighten the mood as they reveal that their stock's doing badly. Maybe it's from the Holiday boycotts. Now they're looking to move into a new country, or so the song suggests. But which one? Find out in the next Multinational News Update.
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Tomorrow seems to be jesse_dylan's birthday.

I'm not really sure what went on tonight, but I forgot to tape Book of Daniel until almost the end of the first episode. That pisses me off more than you can possibly imagine. Fortunately, I taped the second episode, so it's not a total loss, but I have a feeling that watching the second episode without the first is going to suck. Maybe they'll replay the first episode at some point. As for why I wasn't watching while it was on... I don't want to talk about it. Why some people subject themselves to the same thing over and over I'll never know.

Apparently, there may be an airing tomorrow. I'm trying to find it. But I think that's just a red herring. Grrr... so, did anyone not stupidly miss the show? Opinions from someone who watched the whole thing instead of just the second episode? Thoughts on whether ir will survive to see DVD? Or a rerun?

Now that I think of it, that pretty much sums up the day. The computer problems at work and the lunchtime game of Fluxx are largely irrelevant.

Also, the mail mix-up with Dad turned out to be that he had the wrong address. So the other mail that hasn't arrived yet could well just be lost in the system. That doesn't make me feel better about it.