November 7th, 2005

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News I picked up while I was passing by

Good news for us Cynics: That guy who got his genitals superglued won his court case. It's also an ostention.

An actress singing "I'm an Accident Waiting to Happen" turns out to be telling the truth. She slipped and fell and broke her arm while singing (and not dancing), while apparently, her other tricky stunts never gave her any problems.

New Jersey finally gets around to disenfranchising its dead. For once, it seems that the record turnout among this particular demographic group is being taken as a bad thing. I can imagine Reg Shoe throwing fits over this.

Today's Sports News: A 112-2 victory in basketball for a high school team.

More good news for some: The mayor of Las Vegas wants to cut off the thumbs of convicted graffiti offenders. He also advocates whippings or canings for children. In an age where children are rising more and more above the law and beyond the ability of anyone to punish them, someone wants to hold them accountable. And the parents won't have to fear falling off the thin tightrope between child abuse and lack of discipline, which I believe is so thin that it's actually reversed on itself.

I can't possibly have read this next article correctly. It looks to me as if the mayor of Loveland, Ohio has decided not to waste thousands of dollars to prosecute a woman over a $1.16 tax bill and $200 in penalties. Government not pursuing something that costs more than it brings in just to teach someone a lesson? Government doing something that makes sense? Government making two points in as many articles that I agree with? What is the world coming to?

A North Dakota man got jail time for missing the court appearance for not licensing his cat. From what I can tell, the sentence was considered to have been fulfilled by the two days he'd spent in jail awaiting the hearing.

A Pennsylvania bomb squad detonates a homemade electromagnet that was probably a child's science fair project. It doesn't say, however, that any child claimed responsibility for leaving the device unattended in a drugstore, or that there were no explosives found in it. Maybe someone took advantage of the science fair to make a device that looked similar and really was rigged to explode...

Some details on the by now famous pirate attack on a cruise ship. People traveling from country to country need to be aware of political situations that might affect their means of travel. My family canceled a trip to Egypt due to terrorism scares one year.

A report on the impossibility of cow tipping. The report says that, assuming simple physics and assuming that the cow doesn't react to being pushed, it would take at least two very strong people to tip a cow over, and five if it does react. There would have to be some kind of machine involved.

A California driver tries to use the HOV lane with a dummy in his passenger seat. The police, being at least slightly more efficient than Chief Wiggum, nabbed him.

Man jumps onto Amtrak train from overpass. Maybe it was his Cloud impression.
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Happy birthday to jay911. Another year of saving lives, many more to come.

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I've reached another one of life's amazing milestones. Tonight, I got to voice chat with kawanee. It took forever to get everything installed and set up, but now that it's done, my desktop is YM Voice Chat compatible. In other milestones, I discovered that I don't, in fact, hate sauerkraut, and that Golden Oreos are pretty good. Sorry, anime_grl_2286, but I enjoyed them.

I finished book 10 of Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist today. It was very different from the related part of the anime, as far as I remember, although I expect it to be more similar from this point now that the Battle City Tournament has begun. Next entry to my queue: the Urusei Yatsura Perfect Collection, which danightman points out is hardly perfect, but I haven't seen a second volume yet. That will be my reading for a long time to come after I finish Hunter x Hunter 5 and Galaxy Angel 5. Good thing I've got plenty of anime to diversify with. "Pawafuru mirakuru ima kuru. Hajikeru, magikaru, wandafuru!" (Anyone recognize that theme this time around? I think someone on my friends list probably should.)

Oh... speaking of friends list, it's one of those rare and amazing days when I find two new friends at once. Given that neither probably knows me very well just yet, I'll welcome purpleparadox and jacen3927 to my Livejournal. It gets better than this when I'm not working extra-long days to save up comp time so I can have a Christmas vacation three months after being hired. I'll probably do some retrospecting later this week, mostly on why I went out of my way to say I would retrospect when there was clearly no chance of it happening.