February 15th, 2005

Moa: The King of Destruction

Nu nu nu, nu nu nu newwwwwws

Wow... there's about as much interesting news today as there was yesterday, including the requisite steaming portion of Valentine's Day garbage. Here's a couple who gave up on each other 50 years ago and are now getting together and a couple who are getting married after 60 years. 60 years! Yeah, that may seem like a long time, but it's not long enough for the German post office to figure out that Hitler's in no condition to receive mail. Fifty years, on the other hand, is plenty of time for a college student slayer to rationalize his crime, become a psychology professor, and return for his class reunion.

Also popular on V-Day are discreet Puerto Rican love hotels. You read that right. They're like Vegas: What happens there, stays there. And they're apparently really popular on Secretaries' Day. There's an LOL moment for you.

A Japanese man whose unemployment benefits were cut off walks into a convenience store and threatens himself with suicide if he doesn't get a free sushi meal. Then he ate bananas until the police nabbed him. Appropriate.

I usually put a lot of trust in uniformed officers, just because if you can't trust them, who CAN you trust? Well... you can't always trust them. This cop has been taking photos of men with their shirts off or more, and apparently using his job as leverage to force them to strip. I'm glad I'm such an unappealing target... maybe I should stop working out before it's too late.

Wild turkeys migrate to the home of the world's biggest annual turkey barbecue. I've been telling you all along that turkeys have an ingrained death wish... this proves it.

Kids learn to read by reading library books to dogs. That's fine until they get their hands on "Where the Red Fern Grows".

I think I've heard about this before, but here's a story about Michigan prisons cutting free coffee benefits for inmates. Budget cuts hurt everyone, but at least this one is hurting people who for the most part have brought it on themselves, like the art thieves who let a door slam, which attracted the attention of security guards. That's a pretty big heist, but if I were caught stealing something, it'd have to be more like the Wecota, SD town sign that was stolen recently. But they knew the "Population 19: We're all here because we're not all there" sign was so clever that it would be stolen, so they had a second one in reserve, and that one will be welded in place. My question is, if they were so clever, why didn't they weld the FIRST one in place?

And speaking of revisiting old stories, remember that guy who attacked a cop with a poodle? He's been declared incompetent to stand trial, which surprises no one. And the woman who was said to have given her husband a fatal sherry enema says he did it to himself. Strange that there's no more mention of the earlier proposed fact that her husband was told he couldn't have alcohol or it would kill him.

Here's a story that's a nifty coincidence. It's about the Bad Boy, a vehicle derived from an Army truck just like the original Hummer. But I don't care about that. People are welcome to throw their money at whatever extravagance they want. What's interesting is that I was behind a Hummer this morning and decided to ask a trivia question about it in today's entry, and here's my chance. So here's Today's Trivia Question: We all know that Hummer is a nickname for the Humvee. But "Humvee" is also a nickname. What is it derived from, and what, ultimately, does "Humvee" mean?

Now on the lighter side of the news, the company that makes Tabasco sauce (McIlhenny) is suing Tabasco's Mexican Restaurant and Patio over the use of their name. One wonders whether the same argument could be applied to the various companies with names like Arizona and Malibu. And on the lighter side of the Bible, The Bible. Here are people after my own heart, out to prove that not only is humor NOT contrary to what the Bible teaches, but that humor is an essential part of the Bible and of Biblical faith. The article loses my interest by failing to mention Esther, though, which was one of the funniest stories I've ever read and much better written than the surrounding books, in my opinion.

Also, yes, everyone wants to help the tsunami victims. Everyone has old clothes, expired food, bottled water, and Viagra lying around. Sending these things is causing more problems than it's helping. So don't do it.

A boy stabbed his sister with a nine-inch knife over a pot pie. I'd say that's ridiculous, but it's the stuff commercials are made of before the advertisers tone them down for being too violent. Also, it was a chicken pot pie. Those are good.

And finally, Cheech and Chong have their reunion and plan to make more movies together. They also said that despite it being the central point of more or less every movie they ever made, they never smoked dope on camera. Chong says he's proud of introducing kids to marijuana because it saved them from the ravages of alcoholism. Um... back to your everyday lives, people.
Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today's Exercise: Been too busy helping breakofdawn get her Java program working. I know I said no skipping, but sometimes, it happens.

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A bit of R&C 2, and I finally published the first chapter of Evas XLR... thanks to novademon and temaranight for prereading for me. Still got a ton of random work to do this week, and it's hot. But I really want to watch an episode of Stellvia tonight, and I haven't showered yet either. Sometimes, doing something fun has its bad effects.