February 1st, 2004

Moa: The King of Destruction

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So I started watching the rest of the Cyborg 009 marathon this morning, then got rather bored and started playing Budoukai on the other screen, then just shut the cartoon off and started writing. After buying food for the week, I watched the rest of Alien Nine... that was seriously messed up. Particularly since they didn't actually finish the story... I don't remember the ending from the manga, but considering that Yellow Knife doesn't show up until the end of the third episode of four, and they spend most of episode four on that story arc... and then the ending credits are SO the endings I'm working with in MGT. Speaking of which, I finished the contest chapter, but I won't be touching it again tonight because I just showered. Seriously, the thought that I've written that makes me feel evil and unclean... and I knew it was coming. And most of the rest of the chapters will be much the same... can I really look at myself in the mirror after a few more chapters of this? I'll have to, to comb my hair and trim my beard, but... ah, who am I kidding? I consider it my outlet because I can't do certain things to people in real life. Now who's the sadist? And who really cares?

So I wrote some, I read a little, I finished Wild Act book 3 (cool series, highly recommended not just because the main character's really cute), and I reviewed my Sailor Moon Live Action VCDs to make sure they're good before deleting the files. Not that it would be hard to recover the files, but it would take a while. There were no problems with the first two, and they actually run BETTER as VCD than they did in DivX. Absolutely no slowdown at all on my computer's DVD player, so I'm quite pleased. Not that it's any surprise... no more real-time decoding to be done, or rather, it's part of the program with a devoted drive that can take care of a good deal of the decoding itself. Or so I imagine... not sure how the process works. But I now have portable Live Action Sailor Moon as well as the anime... it's a good thing. And a few prereaders for the contest chapter, but that's still in alpha draft, so I have plenty of work of my own to do. And no excerpts... I'm not even going to post it on my webpage until after the contest ends. For many reasons. And I may not post it until its place in the MGT story... whenever that is.

If I don't know Jack, then who is THIS? ... Oh. Sorry, Steve. Have you seen Jack? You don't know him? Well, darn.