July 9th, 2003

Moa: The King of Destruction

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Urgh... I wrote a nice long entry for tonight, and the stupid program deleted the whole thing. I hate when that happens. Probably for the best, though... the GTP excerpt was pretty lame. I'll try to think of something else, and I'll save some of the gags I put in the entry for another time. They're just not as funny the second time around.

Anyway, the A/C was still dead at work, so we couldn't turn on the ADCPs at all. I spent the whole day reading a boring and outdated document that I'll eventually have to help rewrite. And I thought rewriting A Deadly Choice was a daunting task.... By a strange coincidence, my skill at the tile-matching game inappropriately called Mahjongg has improved vastly over the past few days.

I'm living under a constant severe thunderstorm watch/warning this week, and a few of those storms have actually hit my area. It makes the usual 45 minute commute a nightmare, not to mention making it hard to watch local TV. Not that I bother much. The Simpsons is about the only show on Fox still worth watching.

I tried to think of a good quote from 52 Curses to post with this entry, since I mentioned the story earlier, but there's just no part of the story that stands on its own well enough to do the story as a whole justice. That, and I'm too lazy to comb through the whole story to find a part that might work.

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EDIT: Now I know what I forgot to restore from my previous post... Rocky Road. Good. /me takes another bite. ^_^

Kittyhawk always ends her entries with a non-sequitur....