Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Exercise: Rung 13. I think I'll try rung 14 tomorrow even though I missed yesterday, because it really didn't hurt.

Today's Survivor: The challenge got posted a day early, but it was movie quotes, and the three of us who were there when it was posted collectively knew all of them. gambit wanted us to wait and let the rest of the tribe participate, but considering that by the time the challenge was scheduled to start, it would be over, and we knew that all of our answers were right (verified with independent sources), we went ahead and posted the answers. As expected, both tribes had all ten right, but since time was specified NOT to be the tiebreaker, it comes down to a game of chance tomorrow afternoon. I don't much like that, but that's the way the game goes. She points out that, as the host, she can do anything she wants. But what if the producers of Jeopardy told Ken Jennings they were voiding his Final Jeopardy answer because he hadn't shaved his mustache that day, and the other two players agreed which made it majority opinion? They can do that because it's their show, but nobody's going to be happy with the decision. I will give her credit, however, for listening to my argument and telling everyone that she wouldn't do it again. I was just surprised to see it happen once, and had not someone on my team informed me that the schedule was changing with a whole 3 hours of notice, I also probably wouldn't have been there to participate in the challenge. I know how my tribe works... we're efficient, and when we have the job done, we don't sit around and waste time, no matter which members constitute the "we" at the time.

Got to talk to a few people today, some of whom I haven't spoken to in quite a while. I'm also beginning to suspect, though I still don't believe it, that it might be possible for a friendship to be TOO good. I still like it the way it is, but the feeling may not be mutual. Or it may be TOO mutual. I'm not going to venture an opinion, because that's who I am.

I really wasn't thinking today. I picked up a half gallon of milk and then bought a "sock-it-to-me" pudding cake. There's no way a half gallon is going to last the week, and I already used the last of last week's milk tonight. But I'm going to Target, probably tomorrow after I participate in the luck challenge, to pick up some CD jewel cases... my desktop was running out of room and I had to burn some anime episodes to CDs. Oddly, immediately after I burned them, the discs were empty when I opened them in Exploder, and they were pretty close to capacity (I think the one with the first four episodes of Bleach was actually slightly OVER capacity, but it all fit somehow... overburned, probably), but the files showed up on the laptop even though I couldn't play the files to verify them. And then they showed up after I restarted the desktop, and they all played fine... except the first episode of Tenshi no Shippo Chu, but that had a glitch near the beginning in the original as well. I felt safe reclaiming the space, and I'll get jewel cases for the CDs tomorrow. I saw a few at Kroger, but I didn't like the small quantity or the style of the cases. I want the big stack I got at Target last time. And while I'm out, I can pick up Kare Kano book 13, any more of Faerie's Landing I can find, and maybe more milk.

Also more FF8, the rest of Dark Ages, and most of the first Harry Potter movie over again. But you probably care about all that less than I do. Think I'll go play more while watching the end of Independence Day, then get back to Princess Nine. You... go do whatever you were about to do.

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