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Some stuff that happened

I heard an ad on the radio this morning for AirTran. They promised that there were no seats next to men who only communicate in opera tenor. However, they didn't promise that their engines would remain intact throughout the flight. Note what Snopes says about engines losing their covers, though... the biggest danger is that the debris might damage the tail of the plane. And that there may be delays for anyone who was going to take the next flight on that plane. Reportedly, they will also continue to have pillows on AirTran flights.

It's no surprise to me as a former Rose Hulman student that Wal-Marts across the country are venues for college student games, but some of the ones in that article sound particularly interesting. Note that the reporters give a blow-by-blow of the 10 in 10 game, where each team grabs ten items from the store for the other team to replace. That's what you call a slow news day, or a sports reporter forced to cover college student pastimes. Given that it's form the Wall Street Journal, I don't think it's sports.

A Dutch website teaches people how to dump their lovers: Women, tell your boyfriend you want to have a baby; men, buy your girlfriend underwear that's too big. They also offer holidays and form letters. Being dumped by a form letter... well, at least you won't have any feelings left after that.

Japanese police run from a man wielding a baseball bat. The Prime Minister is displeased. "Are we Japanese or are we French?" he asks. CONTROVERSIAL SATEMENT! Of course, their job would be so much easier if their criminals bragged about their crimes on radio shows using traceable cell phones.

Somehow, after reading the various baits on the 419 Eater forum and the J. Cosmo Newbery bait featuring monks and other religious figures, the story of a monk who mistook superglue for eyedrops and glued his eyes shut seems a lot less funny. They're operating and restoring his vision, though, and they say there's no damage to the eyes. They just got stuck shut.

Hunter S. Thompson's death didn't make my news listing, but his funeral sure does. That's because he wants his ashes shot out of a cannon as a firework. That sounds cool. Maybe I'll do that, if it's not too expensive.

A woman with terminal cancer got a very rude phone call from a doctor who hung up on her after giving her diagnosis. So she's left $2 million to the Medical College of Ohio to teach their doctors better manners. Just make sure they don't hire teachers who will have sex with their underaged students. Okay, too big a stretch there. Medical students probably aren't going to be underaged, unless they're all Doogie Houser, who was last seen at White Castle with Harold and Kumar. Maybe that stretch will make the other one seem more palatable.

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