Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Exercise: Rung 12. This time, it wasn't bad. It comes and it goes, I suppose.

Today's Bridge: Nada for me, but CP and Mike finished their second leg of the tournament... 3000+ points down. Ouch. I watched CP double a couple of contracts that were reasonable, as he had them booked in his hand, but the 3NT from yesterday was a laydown even so and they failed to attack hearts in the 5D contract today, which would have set it. Oh well. There's still hope for my team.

Today's R&C 2: Built up the Clank Zapper, and that's about it. I've got 550,000 bolts of the 1,500,000 I need for the Zodiac, and then there's the 1,000,000 for the Carbonox Armor and 1,250,000 or so for the Mega Mini-Nuke, not to mention lots of other weapons to upgrade.

Today's returnofredsnow: I've been accepted as Jakin, the Dark Prince of Heat, so I'll need to make a journal for that this weekend. Any artists out there willing to help me come up with an icon or two? I don't really want to grab cels of a similar looking character and just use those... it seems like cheating somehow.

I may have to do my weekly food shopping tomorrow, because there's supposed to be lots of snow this weekend. Summer heat on Tuesday, Thursday it doesn't get above freezing, snow on Sunday. I refer the weather to my previous post. However, it's a long weekend, and I'm not planning to go anywhere, so hopefully the taxes will get filed, my unwatched anime collection will shrink by a few DVDs, and some of my stories will gain significant wordage. I just hope nobody expects ME to do any of those things.

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