Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Exercise: I skipped because Jenny wasn't feeling well, so we wanted to start talking a bit earlier. I think this is the earliest we've been off the phone all month. Stupid 9:00 evening hours... would be nice if Verizon would match the other companies. Grrr...

Today's Bridge: They had the power today that Dan and I had on the first day. They won the fourth rubber in a few hands, and then won the second even though we put up a good fight. We're still ahead by quite a bit, but it's probably closer to 800 points than the big lead we had yesterday. When the other teams finish their rubbers, we'll switch places. But we rest assured that they missed a vulnerable grand slam due to cold feet.

I listened to the Pretear soundtrack today... I can't recommend it. The opening theme, White Destiny, is pretty good, but then the first half of the album is variations on White Destiny, and the rest of the songs really didn't stand out. I might change my mind after listening to it a few more times. Angel Tails, on the other hand, is great in every possible respect. I came up with a fanfic idea while listening to some of the image songs. I'd have to watch the rest of Chu before starting it, just to make sure I'm consistent, but one of the DVDs gave a list of the Angels' ranks, so I assume there must be some procedure for ascending ranks. That's what the story will be about... the Angels taking their promotion exams for ascension to the next rank. The emotional focus for the story as a whole will be on Yuki, who's a first rank guardian angel, so her exam will be for promotion to Goddess. But if she passes that exam, she won't be a guardian angel any more and will have to leave Goro. So that will be a plot thread while each of the other Angels take their exams. I've got Kurumi's more or less mapped out, and I've got a good idea of what Ran's and Akane's will be.

I need to learn how to hang up a phone. I have so much trouble doing that when Jenny's on the other end of the line. But tonight, I have time for Stellvia, and dammit, I'm going to watch some Stellvia. No excuses, no delays. No sitting here typing more words when I should be posting and shutting down and... oh.

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