Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Exercise: Rung 11.

Today's R&C 2: I got frustrated enough with those last two Platinum Bolts that I looked them up online. One of them was something I should have figured out, while the other was something that I barely managed to spot even when I knew exactly what to look for and where to look for it. I also upgraded the Hoverbomb Gun, so the only weapon I have left to build up is the incredibly annoying-to-use Spiderbot Glove. I am becoming pretty handy with it, and with that the only weapon in my arsenal, it shouldn't take too long to finish building it up.

Today's leisure activities: I finished reading the new Shonen Jump issue, watched the rest of the Monk DVD and most of the first DVD of Mr. Bean while starting a new game of Ape Escape, and defeated Ridley in Metroid Zero Mission, then found a room I have no idea how to get through, or if what I've been trying will somehow work, I don't have enough energy to keep trying it over and over. No idea what reward could possibly await me, but there are a bunch of secrets I should collect before trying it again. Other than that, let me just say two things about the day's activities: The long-haired Raven looks exactly as cool as lurkerdrome makes her out to be, and to all those who hated the Dragonball Z anime and refuse to read the manga: Remember that episode-and-a-half-long battle of ki blasts between Gohan and Cell where they kept powering up over and over and it dragged on and on forever? It lasts one chapter in the manga, and DBZ chapters are shorter than those of most series. Gohan and Cell shoot each other, creating that big ball of ki you're familiar with, and someone shouts that Cell's is overpowering Gohan. Goku says that Gohan's not using his full power because he doesn't want to destroy the Earth, but he has to stop holding back. Then Vegeta blasts Cell, once, distracting him long enough for Gohan to use his full power. Cell disintegrates. End. Just like that. In summary: I know why you hated the anime... READ THE MANGA. Really. It's worth it.

And now, even though it's too late, it's Saturday night. I'm going to finish the Yucie DVD and start watching Stellvia tomorrow.

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