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Today's Exercise: Rung 11. More banging from downstairs, but no yelling this time. I wonder if that means they like me now.

Today's Bridge: I'll start with the aforementioned auction. We had the favorable vulnerability, and I was holding the rather unusual yet pathetic S 9-x-x-x-x H A-x-x-x-x-x D Q C 4. Depending on how I count it, it's about 6 points. Paul, my partner, opened 1C, and CP (he's back!) passed. I had to bid 1H with that hand, and Mike passed. Paul came back with 2C, but I had to deny again, so I bid 2S... or would have, if CP hadn't taken the bid right out of my mouth. I doubled. Mike took that as a cue to bid 3D, and Paul bid 3S. Interesting... I would have bid 4H anyway, but CP's 3NT forced my hand. CP naturally doubled that, and we were off. Mike led a low spade, clearly a singleton given the bidding, into Paul's S A-J-x H Q-7 D 10-x-x-x C A-K-J-x-x. I had to take with the ace, or CP would cover and return a spade for a ruff. Then I led a low heart, hoping for some kind of finesse, but CP played the jack and I didn't want to leave the king out there high, so I ducked. Possibly not a good move, as he led his two high spades, and then I think he led a heart, actually, which gave me the board's queen as Mike showed out. So I was on the board for the last time, and ran the two high clubs, sluffing the queen of diamonds, then played the jack to CP's queen and a ruff. Here's where I was stupid... the nine of spades was good, because CP had the lone 8 left, but I led the 6 first and gave him the trick. What I should have done was cashed the good spade, then led the last spade to force him to ruff once. Every time he led, I would get a trick I'd have otherwise lost. We ended up off two when his failure to cash a diamond should have left us off one. Otherwise, they had the strong hands, and we had a 1NT hand that made 4 thanks to everything splitting perfectly. We managed to cobble together one game over the entire day, and that was right at the end after the 300-point set. Disappointing.

Got a bunch of Skill Points in R&C 2, including the Impossible Challenge, which was actually pretty easy considering that I only used the Hover Bombs and a few Tesla Barriers (and one round of Killonoids at the end, just to make the cleanup easier). Hover Bombs have almost leveled up, which will leave only the Spiderbot Glove to build up. I decided to put my money toward the R.Y.N.O. 2, and it excels over the original in one important respect: you can replenish its ammo from crates. I should have no problem completing quite a few challenges from this point on. ^_^

And the Name That Movie game is officially over now that all twelve movies have been guessed. Congratulations to all those who participated. Next, look forward to the "which 4 out of the 10 statements are false" quiz, coming soon to many livejournals near you, possibly including mine. I'll have to make it hard, though, because there are some people out there who may know me TOO well... and I'm a terrible liar. Really, I am. Honestly. See what I mean?

Almost done reading Pretear... it's very special. Highly recommended, particularly for those who have seen the anime. At this point, I don't even care if the ending turns out to be exceptionally cheesy. It's still been a great series. I almost want to say that the Pretear manga has been to the Pretear anime what the live action Sailor Moon was to the SM anime. Almost. The difference is that Pretear manga came first. Anyone want to see a review of the series? I'm up for requests over the weekend... I expect to have a bit of free time, since most of my friends have better things to do than talk to me and I can't possibly watch that much anime and play that much R&C over one weekend.

I've been putting off watching Yucie long enough... tonight, I'm definitely watching at least one episode.

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