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London police call in a spotter plane, a helicopter, and a car to video a woman eating an apple on the way to work. She seems to be surprised at the amount of effort they put into gathering evidence, but considering that she tried to fight the ticket, I think it was a good decision. Now, if only all police encounters had that much equipment available.... Also note, those readers who live in California and are of driving age, that as of July of this year, headlights will be required in any weather conditions where you need to continually use your wipers or if visibility is less than 1000 feet. New Jersey's had a "wipers on, lights on" law for as long as I've had my license, and it's good to see that moving to other areas.

People leave all kinds of things in taxis. I'd almost expect it to be a perk of being a taxi driver. You never know when the customer with the expensive cell phone will be the one in five who forgets it and doesn't ever find it again. Then again, having a cell phone can be hazardous to your health, and not because of that dumb radiation that people are still scared of. No, it's the inane text messages that are causing acute tendonitis in overusers. That's what Stroke or whatever they call that shorthand that you write on the touchpads was invented for.

Dumb criminals rob a Domino's delivery girl and get away. Not so dumb, you say? Well, one of them found her phone number and decided to call her to apologize and ask her on a date. How sweet... he probably thought when the police traced his number and arrested him and one of the friends involved in the robbery. Elsewhere, Houston police relax their policies to allow vice officers on stings to disrobe in order to negotiate. For those not in the know, vice stings are police officers pretending to solicit prostitutes, because a conviction requires the prostitute (or the john) to name a specific act and a monetary amount, or something along those lines. Otherwise, there's no crime. (I've learned a few things from half-watching Cops.)

A woman trying out a foot massager in a Hong Kong department store gets her foot stuck. The manufacturer has recalled the product. I'm not sure the "OTO Big Foot Massager" would have done very well anyway.

Anyone hear about the guy who put his forehead up for auction on eBay? As advertising space, that is. SnoreStop snore suppressant company bought that space and will use it for one month. Now, we just need a video of that guy snoring and all will be complete, and maybe people will stop this stupidity.

Black mold shuts down an Iowa post office, forcing residents to drive to a nearby town to get their mail. This is the first sign of the Earth being taken over by lower lifeforms once again.

A phone museum featuring early 80s cell phones? Where else but good old EugEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEne, Oregon. I just love that name. I don't care if they have a phone museum or even a museum dedicated to Cardcaptor Sakura. It's a town named Eugene.

Elias I. Elias (I think that's a fake name) routinely fakes heart attacks to get out of paying restaurant bills. He did it thirteen times and earned a 90-day jail sentence. Oooooooooooooooh. I wonder whether he even has to pay for those meals. He's apparently gotten 18 convictions and been jailed many times just since 2003... I'd probably give him the chair or something. See if we can induce a real heart attack just so he'll learn to stop joking about it. Hint: If you just want to "eat a meal in a restaurant like everyone else", note that everyone else isn't carried out on a stretcher.

San Francisco is looking into charging 17 cents each for grocery bags to offset the costs of cleaning up the ones that people leave lying around as well as recycling costs. I've been using the same couple of paper bags for years myself, and I just keep bringing them back again and again until they fall apart and become completely unusable. Double-bag them and they'll last much longer, and I even have a triple bag (which was a double bag from my old supermarket, with a bag from Kroger around them) for even more added strength for the heavy stuff. Back in New Jersey, Genuardi's actually gave a four cent DISCOUNT per bag (paper or plastic) that the customer provided for bagging their own groceries. The amount that people generally waste is amazing when you think about it. But of course, many of you probably don't as you unload your groceries each week and throw the bags away. Try something the next time you have a big shopping trip... wad up the bags and put them in one bag, and carry that with you the next time you go shopping. (Or get your paper bags double-bagged, and fold them and put them in the cart.) Hand that to the bagger and ask them to use those bags before using new ones. Discard any that tear and be sure to support the heavy ones so that they don't. Repeat. Granted, this may be a bad move for those who work in the bag industry, but there are plenty of other uses for bags and eventually, you WILL need to replace the bags. It just won't be for a while.

One final note... researchers have discovered a new gene (other than Eugene, Oregon) that causes cancer in some indirect way that they think is worth researching. What's interesting about that is that the gene is called the Pokemon gene. And not because of any association to the game, I assume. Still, it's amusing enough to read an article about how Pokemon causes cancer that I snagged the link from lurkerdrome, who will never know anyway because he probably still hates me for whatever reason. Pokemon causes cancer. Vote for me.

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