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Today's Exercise: *puts journal on pause to exercise* Rung 10. See why I always make this the first line of my entry? It may be annoying and repetetive, but it sure catches me whenever I forget to do them.

It was goody day in honor of my 25th birthday, so we convened in Gary's office and Mike and I teamed up against Paul H. and Dan. They got off to a great start with a 3NT contract, making 5 when Mike's opening lead gave them an extra diamond trick. But he had consecutive honors, and just as I had yesterday, he led the highest of them. No fault there. Then we set them a few times and picked up a few little contracts to add up to our game, at least one of which was after Paul S. sat in for Mike. I opened 2H with S A-x-x-x H A-Q-9-6-x-x D x-x C K, which could be counted as 13 points, but I don't count singleton kings as three points. Paul S. raised me to 3H, and that held. Paul H. led a low club, and Paul S. showed me S x-x H J-x-x D 10-x-x C A-J-9-x-x. No worries there. I obviously won with my king and led the nine of hearts, letting it ride to Dan's king. That means the finesse for the 10 worked. ^_^ Dan led a spade, and I believe I let that one go before winning the second spade with my ace. Then I pulled a round of trump (both missing trump fell), then ruffed a spade on the board, cashed the ace of clubs (tossing a diamond), led a low club to pull the queen and ruffed it, ruffed my last diamond back to the board, cashed the good clubs, and got the rest of my hearts to make 5. But those were incredibly lucky breaks all around, and had Paul led diamonds and cashed the two diamond winners they had, we'd have only made our contract. The final hand was them bidding much higher than they had the means to. Dan opened 1D, and I had Q-10-9-8-6 and 12 points or so, and the two Pauls had already passed. I passed, and Paul bid 1NT. Dan bid 2D, Paul 2S, Dan 3D, and Paul went up to 4C. Dan resolved to 4NT, which Paul took as Blackwood (no idea why), and they ended in 5C. Even with only two clubs to the ace, I couldn't resist doubling, because they clearly didn't have the power to make it. I think we set them three, with two spades and my A-8 of clubs over Dan's Q-7. Another hand, we pushed them up to 4D and set them 3... another case where a different line of play would have saved them a trick, but I had A-J-10 of diamonds and Mike and I had the power to make 3S.

Spent most of the evening talking to krikketgirl and straightening things out with bardoftoday, although I have a feeling I dug myself right back into the same hole by the end. At least, he'd stopped talking to me and I'm developing a sense of when to stop talking even if I don't understand why the conversation has gone dead. The end result of today is that I got the AN package I've been waiting for, yet another one has shipped today, and I've added the Katamari Damacy soundtrack to the wish list for the order I'll place nearer the end of the month. Also, as I feared, the management hadn't been giving me the Employer's Choice discount since August, which is $25 per month, and never bothered to tell me until my balance surplus (from the move) ran out this month. By the time I got in today and called management, the woman who was handling my file had already left, so I left her a message. What bothers me is that I've already sent in my renewal papers for next year, so if there was something they didn't tell me I was supposed to do to get the discount renewed, it wasn't done again this year. I hate the policies they have here... so obtuse and geared toward making me do all the work. Still no word on the Venetian blinds I told them about months ago... I'll have to remind them soon. And I don't know whether I have to replace the bulbs in the chandelier myself, but one of them has burnt out. Not that it gives enough light for me to care, but it is the only light source for the entire room other than the heat lamp I bought for my apartment in Fort Wayne.

I want to play some Katamari Damacy before bed, but I can't pass up the chance to watch Angel Tails, so I guess Katamari will have to wait until tomorrow. Hopefully, I won't sleep in again, although if gas prices haven't gone up, I'll stop in the morning and fill up before they do. So here's a bit more of the Megas story I worked on tonight.

"I wasn't supposed to be stuck in the past for this long," Kiva reminded him. "This was supposed to be a simple mission to retrieve Megas and return to the future."
Coop scratched his head. "So it's a little longer than you expected."
"A little longer?" Kiva struggled to comprehend the lack of compassion it must have taken to reach such a conclusion. "Coop, it's more than that! It would be like... Jamie saying he's just going down to the store and not coming back for five months!"
Coop glanced over at Jamie. "Yeah? Where'd he go?"
"You don't know! You don't know where he is or how he's doing or even if he's still alive! Wouldn't you be upset?"
Coop shrugged. "It's just Jamie."
"I don't think you're gonna get through to him," said Jamie. "One time, he left to go to the store and didn't come back for weeks. He got lost in the woods and ended up living with a family of boars."
"Wouldn't they have eaten him?" asked Kiva.
"It was just last year," Jamie explained. "He could have eaten THEM."
"Me, cook? No way!" Coop protested.

Good night, folks.
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