Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Disappearing comments and a domestic scam opportunity

I just got a copy of a new 28 month calendar that's been distributed around The Branch. The page before the calendars begin has space for personal information and is headed "If found, please return to". Fine and dandy, and of course there are blanks to write in name, address, and phone number. Also Social Security number, Spouse's SSN, Driver's License Number, Bank Account Numbers, and a few other things that had me scratching my head. How is any of that relevant to a calendar, and why would I write those things down to be found by someone who clearly isn't me if they need the other information to return it to me? I think it's a scam.

Also, I've noticed a few cases where people have been deleting my comments and not responding to them. I only know of one among the people who read my journal... lurkerdrome just banned me completely, and I'm almost afraid to ask him why if he hasn't yet blocked me on AIM (he probably has). He never gave a reason for it or asked me to stop commenting or anything like that. Is it too much to ask that I get a reply when someone deletes a comment, before they delete them both? I expect I'll get an earful privately, but deleted comments are just as private, and then at least I know. And I hope I don't need to repeat my request that people let me know if I'm annoying them... I try to tone it down myself, and it may be working, but I can't possibly be that successful. There has to be someone on my list who's finding me annoying lately despite my efforts to prevent it. I demand that you own up so I can make amends and more importantly, act accordingly in future comments, if any. I don't like being banned from commenting on general principle, because that's people giving up on me without giving me a chance.

I'm thinking of possibly trying my hand at a scambait. I've got a character ready to use, but I would need to set up a fake E-mail account that couldn't be traced back to me, and I'd probably need some help with Photoshop to make fake documents and possibly photos, because I don't own the program and would never be able to make stuff look right if I did. My art skills are so bad that I probably couldn't even take a picture of the Mona Lisa and have it look like art. Just by virtue of it having passed through my hands, it will be a stick figure with a misshapen head and maybe a couple of amorphous lumps for boobs to show that she's female. If that.

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