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Today's Exercise: Rung 10. Feeling pretty comfortable with it, for the most part.

We had a big all-hands meeting for two hours this morning, during which Paul H. invited himself over to join us for the day. I partnered with Dan against him and Mike, and they had a quick rubber of two 3NT hands to start with. One of those, they made with two overtricks, I think, where if Dan had led his club through Paul's J-x-x to my Q-10-9, we'd have held them to the contract. However, I'd led the king right into Mike's singleton ace... had I led fourth highest (the nine) instead, and had Dan then led the club back, we'd have set them by three tricks or more. But from a holding like K-Q-10-9-x-x, what else would you lead? Mike had doubled my club overcall, so I knew he was short, but I'd figured Paul for the A-J-x and expected him to duck the first round in a Bath Coup. Even Paul agreed that the king was probably the right lead. In the second rubber, we got to set them a few times and assembled a game out of partscores to win the rubber, but there were a few interesting misplays. In a 2S hand that was the only hand I got to declare, Paul and Mike kept attacking hearts and set up the long ones on the board for me. Mike led a heart through Dan's A-10-x-x-x around to my Q-x. Naturally, I covered with the ace and planned to lose one. I ran a trump finesse, running my 10 through the board's A-Q-x to Paul's jack, and he led the king of hearts, pulling my queen. I think he then led another heart right away, letting me ruff Mike's jack, and I led a club to yank Mike's lone king, then pulled the last one. Thanks to the high hearts falling, the board's last two were good to sluff two of my diamond losers before cashing the K-Q of clubs from the board, taking my diamond loser, and getting the last two tricks with my last trump and ace of clubs. Dan made a 3D contract before that, amazingly allowing an overruff for some reason, then blew the final 4C contract by failing to trump my ten of spades when he had enough information to place Paul with the lone jack. Had he done that, he could have pulled trump ending in my hand to cash the two spades and discarded losers from his hand. But that only cost us 100 points, not enough to give them the rubber.

Just finished watching the American Idol premiere. I stand by my Cynicism and that's pretty much the only reason I watch the show. It's horrifying... people pawn their wedding rings, break up with their bands, and spend their entire life savings to get to the auditions only to fail... or worse, to succeed. And every one of them thinks they're the best singer in America because their friends say they have a great voice.... News flash, idiots. FRIENDS. They're not going to tell you you suck unless they're me. Your friends are going to be polite and probably easily impressed.

So, because temaranight has been working on a Megas XLR story, I guess I might as well post a bit of the one I'm working on. This part's a lot more serious in tone than most of the story, but I'm using it to set up a reason for them to get the time drive up and running. It'll all make sense in the end, I'm sure.

Kiva rested her chin on her palms and sighed. The massive blue flame-styled hulk of Megas towered over her, but the dark shadow that surrounded her made its shade seem bright by comparison. She furtively glanced around the yard to make sure nobody was watching her, then pulled a small silver disc out of her pocket and pressed a button on its surface. A faint, flickering image of a group of people appeared above the disc, so blurry that the faces were little more than discolored specks and the uniforms could hardly be recognized as identical to Kiva's. She had to squint to make out any details at all, and even then, it was little more than a dim blob. She felt a tear forming in the corner of her eye and quickly blinked it away. She'd been trained better than to let emotional attachments weigh her down.
She was so intent on the fading image that she didn't notice Coop and Jamie until they entered her field of view. "What's that thing?" asked Coop.
Kiva nearly dropped the disc in surprise. She fumbled for the button as Jamie poked a finger into the picture. "Is that some kind of futuristic hologram device?" he asked.
"Yes, it is," snapped Kiva, finally turning the projector off.
Jamie ignored her heated tone. "Man, I thought the future was supposed to have cool stuff. They make better holograms than that now."
"The battery's almost dead," Kiva explained. "And the technology to make a new one won't be developed for at least twenty more years."
Coop snorted derisively. "Like that's ever stopped me. Let me take a look at it."
Kiva quickly pulled the disc out of his reach. "Even if I thought you could build a new battery, I wouldn't let you within a hundred feet of the raw materials."

Like I said, a bit of comic relief, but this is a serious scene. For now. It'll change tones when I've established my point. But for now, it's shower time, because I really want to watch more Angel Tails. I'll be reviewing the series when I'm done watching it, which means I may well move right to the final DVD when I'm done with this one. Unfortunately, still no sign of the package with Chrono Crusade 3 and Super Milk-Chan 4 yet, but I'll give it a few more days before I start looking. The weather's been lousy. If the package that shipped today beats it here, then I'll worry. But I did get a few birthday cards, which I'll open tomorrow. Seems only appropriate, right?
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