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If you will allow me to show a rare moment of unusual emotion... I saw this in an E-mail just a few minutes ago:

"Your anime is on the way! We thought you'd like to know that the following
items have shipped to you, and will ARRIVE soon!
QtyItem Item Descrption Price Total
-- -------------- ----------------------------- ------- -------
1 SPTN-DVD03 I'm Gonna Be An Angel DVD 3 - $ 26.98$ 26.98"

Um... YES. VERY YES. Also, in a separate shipment come Chrono Crusade 3 and Super Milk-Chan 4, which had already been released by the time I placed the order. Still, I wasn't expecting this so soon... I was pretty sure the release date was close to a month away, and the date for the second one got pushed back after the original date had come and gone. (It was my first Animenation pre-order, before they even had the 25% discount.) So I'm very happy. Also, lots of other things have gone right today.

Today's Exercise: Rung 10, and I almost forgot to stop. I was in some kind of zone or something.

I'm on some kind of cooked bread product. We ended up in 3NT in the first hand despite having nothing but a club fit between us... I jumped over Dan's 1D opener with a pre-emptive 3C, and Paul had only 10 points... not enough to even bid. But after a six-trick set, we cleaned up. Every hand they declared but one, we set them two tricks, and the one they made was, I believe, a 3D with two overtricks. I was happy with them undervaluing their hand, thanks to Dan's absolutely idiotic bidding. In one hand, Paul opened 1D, and Dan overcalled 2C. I had 10 points and six or seven clubs to the A-K. I wasn't sure how Paul would take a double, so I passed, and Kelly bid 2S. I had to pass that one two, because I didn't want to play 3C with a bad split like the one Dan was projecting, I had no diamond support, they weren't in game, and I had four little spades. It turns out that Dan had a singleton little club. Well, it was fairly bid, even if he lied out his ass, so we just set them two tricks and moved on. We had a fun hand where Dan pre-empted (again) in clubs, and I had all of four points, so I passed. I forget whether Mike said anything or not, but he probably bid 3D, and Paul bid 3H. Well, I had four hearts to the king, so when Dan bid 4C or 4D, I bid 4H. We made that thanks to some less than perfect defense by Dan, failing to lead a club for a ruff. The big one, though, was when I actually had power. It was the final hand, we were vulnerable and 350 points ahead, and I dealt myself S x-x H A-J-(8?) D A-x-x C A-K-J-x-x. Well, that's 17 points, so I opened 1C. Mike bid 1D, and Paul bid 2C. Now, supporting your partner's minor suit is tricky business, because he may only have three of them to open. So he either had four good ones (and how good could they be when I had three honors?) or at least five. I liked that. Dan bid 2D, and I jumped right to 4C. We already had a 60 partscore, but I wanted the bidding done and us in clubs. Mike bid 4D, and it came back to me. Vulnerable, the proper move is probably to double and claim our reward, but I felt adventurous and bid 5C because it was the last hand and they'd need to set us three tricks to win... not possible. Mike led out his spade winners, and Paul's hand was as weak as expected: S x-x-x H K-(9?)-x-x D 7 C 10-x-x-x-x. The reason I have the 8 and 9 in question is that had Mike not next led a low heart, the contract was in big trouble. I'd obviously finesse him for the queen by leading the jack from my hand after pulling trump, but if he covers, that leaves only my ace to cover the ten, and I'd have to finesse Dan for that. As it turns out, Dan had the ten, but I only get the third heart trick if dummy and I have the 8 and 9. Talk about pathetic! But Mike gave me the free finesse, setting up three heart tricks for me, and it was a simple matter to run two rounds of clubs, cash my heart and diamond winners, and crossruff everything else to make the contract and win the rubber. As I said, a decisive victory.

Then I played a bit more Ratchet & Clank 2... two Platinum Bolts on Joba (easy ones, too) and three more gadgets... two pairs of boots and the Infiltrator, which is exactly like the Electrolyzer except there's a different kind of puzzle to solve when you use it to break a lock. There are some tough Arena battles there. I also found a big stash of Raritanium that I can only hope will replenish itself eventually.

And there's lots of time left in the day, so I can even watch an extra episode of something or write a bit. Or just sit around and twiddle my thumbs... amazingly, I've had enough R&C for now. But reading gunblade's video game recaps (which I think I've failed to link to until now) has got me in the mood to go through FFX again. The problem is that I never beat it the first time and can't decide whether to start over or pick up where I left off (playing lots and lots of Blitzball). I did complete the butterfly quest already, so the hardest things left are Chocobo racing for Tidus's ultimate weapon and dodging lightning bolts for Lulu's. I've got three of them so far, and that's all I would need if I just wanted to finish the game right now. But they're sidequests, there to add both depth AND aggravation! And now I can catch all the foreshadowing... which may or may not be a good thing.

I'll eat some pizza rolls while I think. I need to do SOMETHING to give myself worthwhile dreams...

EDIT: Ooh, idea! *goes to change the character selections for QEFEFZ*

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