Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Exercise: Rung 9. Only took me 5 minutes.

Today's abundant anime viewing: The first episode of Magister Negi Magi (apparently, there's a "fixed version" out there now... I didn't see anything broken, and the group's website fails to describe what's different, so I'm not going to waste time downloading it now, especially with Mahoujin Guru Guru 38 downloading) and one more episode of Wedding Peach. I'm so pathetic.

Today's Ratchet & Clank: I'm up to the final area, I've got plenty of Gold Bolts (most of them by now, I'm pretty sure), and I've got everything I know I need to buy and I've saved up over 80,000 of the Bolts I need to buy the R.Y.N.O. I'm fighting through all the old areas again with just the Wrench and the Walloper to build up more Bolts and try to find the last few Gold Bolts I didn't get before. And it only took about 8 hours of gameplay to get it all done. I'm so pathetic.

Today's anime review: Didn't happen, obviously. I've been reading the archives of Checkerboard Nightmare on a whim, and nobody ever requested a series for me to review. I'm still trying to pick the right one for my debut, but I'd really like a request to relieve me of that choice.

I discovered a few things today. First, there are only three books in the To Heart manga, so I put a star next to that one in the collection. Shame, too... that was a cool series that was really open-ended. I want to check out the game, but I've heard that it's hentai and probably not available anywhere around here anyway. At least, not at a reasonable price in a format I can use in one of my consoles. Also, I think I may have to get Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories as well as Metroid Fusion for my GBA. Also, a really cool line from Ratchet & Clank:

RATCHET: Hey, with this device, I can disguise myself as a robot and fool the robots in that factory!
CLANK: Robots aren't so easily fooled.
RATCHET: Hey, what's that over there?!
CLANK: (looks) Where?
RATCHET: (grins)

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