Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Now that I'm actually customizing my livejournal...

I added a link on the main page to the list of my anime and manga... and I realized that the introductory paragraph that I wrote so long ago is horribly inaccurate. When I wrote it, I didn't own notable series such as Slayers and Ranma 1/2 and made quite a point of saying so, so that people would know that while I didn't own them (which, in my eyes, made my anime "collection" hardly a collection at all), I had in fact seen enough of each to know about them. Since then, I've bought both Slayers and Ranma 1/2 and am only missing a few movies from each, should I ever decide to buy them. I really need to change that paragraph now. I should probably completely overhaul my website, as it turns out... remove that link I added as an inside joke for jeram as a start, and then make things much easier to find and put the links at the top of each page and the rambling, if any, at the bottom. Possibly with a link to the rambling at the top if anyone wants to read that before the content of the page. I think that'll be my project for the weekend while I watch whatever daytime anime I pick out and finally place a new Animenation order. (I should probably do it sooner, but I want to wait until I have my paycheck and can OFFICIALLY spend money without hitting my safety figure. Just because.) So don't let me forget to do that. If I forget, it's YOUR fault. Not that anyone's reminded me about the Happy Button yet. Really, do you guys even care if I can't manage my life and make a horrible, horrible mess out of everything, but it's still probably better and more convenient than yours? Er... I'll shut up now. As the Branch Manager just said to me when I pointed out that as soon as every food product out there goes low fat, I'll starve to death: "I hate you." Or something to that effect, purely in jest, of course. He's a great guy. You're all welcome to say that to me too, and I hope it's in jest. Unless what you choose to say to me is "you're a great guy," in which case I'd like it not to be in jest, but preferably in small, unmarked, nonsequential bills.

Now, about that blurb I wanted to fill in eventually...

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