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Today's Bridge: I declared 3NT with S x-x H J-9-x-x-x D A-K-J-x C K-x facing S A-K-x-x H A-Q D 9-x-x C 10-x-x-x. Brent opened the auction 1C, I responded 1H, and he bid 1S, so I jumped to 3NT to guard against a club lead through the king. As expected, the opening diamond lead gave me an extra trick there, but I still needed a few more, so I started with the hearts. The queen won, and Ken dropped the king under the ace, but I had no way to finesse against the ten. I crossed back in diamonds, and iMatt (the new player for the day) showed out. Had I known that Ken had only two spades, I might have tried stripping the hand and throwing him in with the last diamond, but I think the opponents could wrangle five tricks out of that. The question is what iMatt throws on the last diamond - I'm down to H J-9-x D x C K-x, and he has to keep two clubs, or I can throw him in and he has to lead a heart away. Likewise, he has to keep two hearts, or I can cash the suit. So he has only two spades. As it was, I had to duck a heart, and when he led a low club back, I tried the king and it won. I don't like the 50/50 chance, but I think it was necessary. We set Ken's 4C by two after that, but Brent didn't read my heart lead as a singleton. I had S K-J-10-9-8-x H 8 D K-Q-x-x-x C 5, and pre-empted with 2S during the auction. I don't know whether we'd have done much better with the heart ruff, but taking the first three tricks after Ken ducked the first spade and still having a diamond trick in our pocket, as well as a guaranteed trump trick in Brent's hand, should be a minimal improvement.

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