Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I can't complain when opponents make things easy for me

Today's Bridge: Our summer employee is back, so we rounded up enough people for a game. I was willing to double 2C with S K-J-x H Q D A-x-x-x C K-Q-8-x-x, but didn't double Brent's raise to 3C - off three, but the play left something to be desired. They went for 4H next, and I had a hard time leading from S K-10-x-x H Q-J-x D K-9-x-x C A-10. Fortunately, after I ruffed a club, Anna took an ill-advised finesse, letting me have another heart. Finally, I got to play a hand: S Q-x H J-x D A-K-Q-x-x C K-x-x-x. Dan had S x-x-x H K-x-x D 9-x-x C A-Q-J-x, and we ended in 3D. Anna ducked the opening spade lead to my queen, so I led another one to Brent's jack and her king, and she led the ace, which I ruffed. I cashed two top trump, leaving just the jack out, and ran clubs until Brent ruffed in. He returned a diamond, so I threw a heart from hand and ruffed in dummy for an overtrick. If he returns a heart, I duck it and should be guaranteed a heart trick, however the suit lies. Brent followed with a 2C, uninteresting from my perspective, and then I opened 3H on S K-x-x H K-J-10-9-x-x-x D 8-x C x. Dan had S J-10-x-x H Q-6 D x C K-Q-10-9-8-x, and Anna took the opening diamond lead with the ace and led a club, the only lead that would give me the contract. A spade at least keeps things open, while a diamond eliminates my dummy entry before I can set up the clubs, and cashing the A-x of trump leaves me a diamond loser to go with the other four. As it was, Brent took the ace of clubs and led one back. I threw two spades under the K-Q while both opponents followed, then led another club. Anna ruffed with the eight and I covered, while Brent threw a spade. I ruffed a diamond back to dummy and persisted with another club. Anna ruffed with the ace, so I threw the king of spades, leaving myself trump-tight and one trick over again.

As for work... I'm taking on a huge effort that's all-or-nothing, and everyone else needs me to babysit them while they work with our new repository, so I'm getting very little done. At least I'm not the only one who won't be finishing the work for this sprint on time.

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