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Today's Bridge: Ken found the time to join us, so he partnered Brent against Dan and me. We've been partners surprisingly often recently, which is great for practicing Precision bidding. I found myself in 2D early on with S K-Q H A-x-x-x-x D A-J-8-5-3 C x facing S x-x-x-x H x D K-10-7-4 C A-J-10-9 or so. Ken had doubled my opening 1H bid, so I took the king of clubs lead and led a low diamond from dummy, on which Brent sluffed a club. I took the ace, naturally, then cashed the ace of hearts and ruffed a heart, disdaining the chance to pick up trump for the added ruffing value. I led a club from dummy, covered by the queen, so I ruffed with the three and Ken overruffed with the six. I think the return was a spade that ran to my queen, so I led a low diamond to the queen and king, then led another club and threw the king of spades. Ken ruffed, but I still had a dummy entry in a heart ruff to throw my last heart under the remaining top club. Something like that, anyway. I then declared 3NT in a hand where 4H was probably the better contract: S A-Q-J-x H A-Q-J-x-x D 8-5-2 C Q facing S x H K-10-x D Q-10-9-7-3 C K-x-x-x. The opening lead was a club, which ran to my queen. I had little choice but to go about setting up the diamonds, starting with the two to the seven, a very deep finesse. Fortunately, Brent took the king and returned a spade, which the jack won. I led the eight of diamonds this time to the jack and queen, and considered clearing the suit, but then counted. Three tricks in the bank, plus five hearts and the ace of spades. I claimed, even though I could have had an overtrick. One overtrick wasn't worth the risk that Brent had held up the ace of clubs on the first trick. Then I landed in a 2NT that I misplayed: S Q-J-x H A-x-x D 9-x-x-x C K-x-x. Ken opened 1H and Dan doubled, so I jumped to 2NT to show my distribution and the heart stopper. Dan had S K-x-x-x H x-x D A-Q-x C A-9-x-x. Naturally, I held up the ace of hearts until trick three, throwing a diamond from dummy to keep my options open in the black suits. My worry was that I had three more guaranteed losers - Ken certainly had the ace of spades and two more hearts to cash, but he likely had the king of diamonds too, since Brent turned up with one of the heart honors. So that gave me five tricks on top (counting the diamond finesse), so I needed three more, and I could get them from a 3-3 split in either black suit. Or so I thought. Losing a club is too much, so I needed to lead a spade up at trick 4, hoping that Ken would hop up with the ace and hand me the contract. If he doesn't, I continue attacking spades until he does, then hope for the spade split, which I think was in fact 3-3. We defended a few hands as well - Brent gave up a 3S when I'd opened 1NT, failing to take the marked finesse against my king of diamonds. Ken declared 2S in the final hand, and the defense was on fire. Dan started with the ace of diamonds, then shifted to the eight of clubs through dummy's 10-7-x to my A-J-9-x. I ducked the trick to Ken's king, and he started to pull trump. Dan covered the king with his ace on the second trick and led another club, which I took to lead a diamond for him to ruff. I think I also had the ace of hearts as an entry for a second ruff, and I probably got a final club as well.

Today's Work: Some arguments, but some decisions that I'm happy with for how to move forward.

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