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Today's Bridge: I partnered with Ryan, who left me in a 4-2 heart fit when we had a 5-3 spade fit. S A-10-x-x-x H A-Q-x-x D K-x C x-x facing S Q-x-x H K-J D A-x-x-x-x C x-x-x or so. Dan led the top three clubs, so I knew Brent had the spade honors and finessed accordingly, eventually pulling trump and running the diamonds. I eventually got to finish the game with a 1NT, hard-fought, and 2NT to end the day, again barely making it. That was S A-J-x-x H A-Q-x-x D K-J-10 C 10-9 facing S 10-9 H x-x-x D x-x-x C A-K-Q-x-x. I opened 1D in fourth seat (barely too weak for 1NT), Dan overcalled 1S, and Ryan bid a light 2C. Despite the power being in the wrong place, I went for 2NT for lack of anything better. The opening lead was predictably a low club to Brent's king, which I ducked - a mistake, I think, in retrospect. I planned to duck the spade return to retain a double stop in spades, but he switched to a diamond, and my ten lost to the queen. Dan led the queen of spades, pinning the ten, so I took and led the ten, covered by the jack. I ducked as a safety play, even though I probably needed all five club tricks. Dan led another spade to clear the suit, and I ran the clubs. Dan threw one of his spades, which rendered him safe to lose a trick to. Thus, I led a diamond, and Brent hopped up with the ace to return a heart. I just took the ace and cashed the king of diamonds. Had he not sluffed a spade, I would have had to depend on the heart finesse, which would have lost.

Today's Work: More information about yesterday's problem, and a new problem that came up on a computer which was wiped before we could finish poking at it. So we've just got to work with what we have.

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Yes, I'm THAT Nidoking. Sometimes I write fanfiction... often I waste all my time playing video games and watching anime. But it's not a waste if I enjoy it, right? I can quote from a movie, video game, anime series, or British comedy apropos of just about any situation, and one of my main goals in life is to entertain people. (The other big one is amassing as much anime and manga as I can... see below for a progress report.) That's me in a nutshell. ("Help! I'm trapped in a nutshell! What a bloody great nutshell this is!")
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