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Even more snow days ahead

Today's Bridge: Ken and I started with a game in hearts - he opened 2H when I had S K-Q-J-x-x-x H K-x D A-x C K-Q-x, which is a pretty impressive hand. I bid the spades, but we ended up in 4H even though he had 10-x-x of spades. Hearts were probably the better choice, since the opening lead was a club to the king, ace, and a ruff. That gave him time to force out the ace of spades and get rid of his losing diamonds, losing just the ace. On a diamond lead, we can't make slam in either suit. Unfortunately, we were on defense the rest of the time, including a near-laydown slam.

Today's Work: We spent the day trying to figure out an alternate way of doing something we were already pretty sure we could do, then had to give up. Finally, we went back to the old way and formalized it, and something went wrong the first time we tried it, but I couldn't recreate it. I figure I'll try again tomorrow, and if we can't make it happen again, we might just forget about it.

There's been just a bit of snow every evening so far this week, and they're calling for both ice and snow tomorrow. If I can't get a ride to work, I'll try to work from home. I might have an opportunity to make it to the mall to get my new lenses, but I expect I'll be waiting until the weekend.

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