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Today's Bridge: Ken and Jerry took on Anna and me, and the first rubber was over almost before it started. I think we had a shot at setting Jerry's 4S - I high-lowed Anna in hearts as Jerry ruffed the second one, and he tried to cross to dummy with a club, but Anna ruffed that. Then she led... her king of trump. Another heart would have established a trick from my 10-8-7, and if Jerry doesn't ruff with the queen or jack, we score the king as well - either because I get in the lead and run another club through, or because he ruffs with the ace trying to prevent that. Either way, I had a guaranteed diamond trick, which would have been enough for the set. Anna started the next rubber with 3NT, and it was a near laydown. I had the promising S A-2 H Q-J-x-x D K-J-10-9-x-x C 6, and she had something like S K-Q-x-x-x H K-x-x D Q C A-10-x-x. Simple enough, after the ten wins the opening club lead - cover the queen of diamonds with the king, then run the suit until the ace comes out, and use the ace of spades as an entry to the rest. It's even possible to defend against a 5-2 diamond split by running the queen, then crossing to the ace of spades to force out the ace of diamonds (which she did), then underleading the king of hearts twice for a guaranteed entry (which she did, but only after cashing her top cards in the black suits and setting up the opponents' winners). I got the chance to make up for it in the next hand, which was just a matter of overtricks - S A-K-J-x-x H A-x D K-10-9-x C 10-x facing S x-x H K-Q-10-9-x D Q-J C A-J-x-x. After the opening diamond lead to the ace, I had nine tricks on top, but I ducked Jerry's queen of clubs, and he switched to a heart. I ducked, and Ken provided the jack. All I had to do was cash my tricks in the right order after that. Finally, they stopped in 3H, and while I think we had a good shot at 3S (and a great sacrifice in 4), Anna kept quiet on five points and 3-3 fits in my 5-5 suits, so they got to play their partscore, and Jerry played like he was in game and made it.

Today's Work: As usual when I'm actually there, we got a fair bit done. There's still some work to be done on practices like building the code before pushing the changes to the repository, just to make sure nothing's been broken along the way, but we'll get there.

I intended to post the Dominion thread tonight, but I suddenly have no idea what to write for an introductory post. I'll give it a few days and try to come up with something compelling.

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