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A night of sleep just wasn't enough

Today's Bridge: I got nervous when Ken redoubled my 4S pre-empt - he'd opened 1S, Ryan overcalled 2D, and with S J-x-x-x H J-x D J-10-x-x C J-x-x, I jumped to 4S. Sure, it's a little much, but I figure Ken can't possibly have many diamonds, and I have a ruffing value in hearts. Dan doubled, and Ken redoubled. He then ruffed the opening diamond lead. He pulled trump in one round (they split 1-1!), then led a heart to the jack and ace. Dan cashed the ace of clubs, then switched to another heart. Ken had the rest of the power and ended up ruffing the good ten of hearts and conceding a club, which cost us a 200-point overtrick, but it was still game. It made up for my mishandling of S A-5-4-2 H A D A-K-x-x C K-Q-x-x - Ryan opened 1C, so what could I do? I doubled to show my power, Dan bid 1S, and that was passed around to me. Sure, I could let it go, but I knew Ken had hearts and had to try 2NT. Ken's S x-x H 10-9-x-x-x D x-x-x C J-10-x gave me two more tricks in clubs, but there wasn't an eighth there, so I held up the ace of spades until the third trick, forced out the ace of clubs, and cashed what I had for off one. Ryan opened 1C a bit light and supported diamonds a bit short, leaving Dan in a 5D contract off four - the splits were horribly against him, including a diamond void on my side, but Ken ruffed ahead of one of my club winners. I don't know whether that would have given us an extra trick or just ended up ruffing one of my other winners. Finally, I grudgingly pre-empted 2H with S A-7-x-x H K-J-10-9-7-3 D 3 C 10-x. Ken's S Q-x H A-5 D Q-10-9-x-x-x C A-Q-x made me feel a bit better, and the opening trump lead picking up the queen was even better. I led my diamond to Dan's ace, and he led a spade. I figured I might as well put up the queen, catching the king. I crossed to the ace of trump, predictably drawing a spade from Dan, and led a low diamond, which Ryan immediately ruffed with the eight. I covered and counted - at worst, I could lose three spades and a club, making the contract, but I had a chance for more, so I finessed the queen of clubs successfully. I could guarantee an overtrick by cashing the queen of diamonds, but I elected to lead the ten to Dan's jack, hoping he was void of spades and would be forced to give me two overtricks. He had one spade to cash, so I got back the overtrick I'd gambled in the first place.

Today's Work: We tracked down what appears to be a very unusual cause for a problem, and Brent found what looks like a likely solution, but we'll have to see whether it works.

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