Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Exercise: Rung 9 and a shopping spree. Well, a mini-spree. Well, two mini-sprees. And a partridge in a pear tree... has nothing to do with my day.

Paul S. and I efficiently bid and made a pair of 4S contracts to win the first rubber... the first one was a bit of a gamble on his part, as Kelly had bid 4H just to stop us from bidding higher, and we were missing the top two spades. And the split was 4-0. But all we lost were the ace of hearts and those two spades, thanks to a winning finesse. Then we had a tough rubber with some tricky hands and not enough that we could do. I put in a 2H bid as a balance in one hand, and that got passed out... off two undoubled vulnerable, which hurt, but they had to have had something good.

So, about those shopping trips... I stopped on the way home to buy some gift cards for Chris and Jade, as well as a snow shovel, since there's supposed to be a lot of snow tomorrow. Enough that the base sent out an advisory (which, as always, I didn't get until someone felt it important enough to forward) saying that if we do get that much snow, the base will be on liberal leave. In other words, anyone who doesn't feel like going to work doesn't have to. But I've already signed myself to 16.25 hours over the next two days, and there's no way I can make the corrections if I can't put in the hours, because I'm not going to be there all next week. I really don't WANT to miss work, either... I've still got a lot to do to wrap up the unit test and possibly start getting my own peer review ready. I did figure out the problem I was having yesterday, and it was a problem with my data, but I found several more problems today that were in the code. Nothing really show-stopping, but there are enough changes that we'll need another peer review and unit test. Maybe we'll have a tester on our project by that time. I know I'd like to have someone else look over all those reams of data and meticulously root out discrepancies so I don't have to go through it again. That was painful.

And there was no new news on Snopes today. I was sad, but I didn't have time to write about it anyway. I E-mailed myself something from work, but it hasn't arrived yet. Read or Die 4 also shipped today, so that's going to sit at the post office for a week or so. Still, I enjoy that series. But for now, I'm going to go enjoy the rest of the Harry Potter movie I started last night. It's actually not bad, if you can overlook the slight overplaying of the drama and the rushed feeling of the beginning, where the books slowly got through the suspension of disbelief while the movie just sort of pushes it all aside, and Harry doesn't really seem to care that there's so much magic going on around him. Or so I remember... been a while since I last read the books. Book 6 comes out on July 16, I think it was. May as well preorder it next time I'm at Waldenbooks... in January.

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