Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I want to try going clean-shaven for a while. If only I shaved cleanly.

I spent Saturday hanging out with Brent. We went downtown and checked the game store there, where I got a copy of the expanded Machi Koro, and a couple of bookstores, where I found a copy of Milton Works "Complete Auction Bridge" among other things. Then we came back to my house for a few games of Dominion. I won the first round of Seaside with Treasury stacking, but Brent won the rematch by matching a pair of Treasure Maps early (I matched my pair on the penultimate turn), and then he beat me in Empires by buying a bunch of Patricians and using an Engineer to gain Temples when they had a lot of victory points on them. I was using Ritual to turn my victory cards into Curses, but rarely drew a Curse and a Temple at the same time. My stack of Groundskeepers just wasn't big enough. But it was fun playing even when I lost, which is a new thing from EMDR. I'm enjoying it.

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