Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

A big update for a big weekend of nothing of note

It was a pretty good weekend. I didn't get anything done cleaning-wise, and when I did the grocery shopping early, I neglected to pick up fruit and planned to do that today, but never got around to it. Whoops. I've got one pear left from last week that should cover me tomorrow morning, and I'll have to run out after work for the fruit. When I wasn't doing that or the laundry, I recorded the commentary for the final boss of Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom, greatly improved the appearance of my custom credits, and made a lot of progress in Twilight Princess HD - I got past the place where I stopped in the Wii version (strangely enough, the Zant fight) and spent a lot of time collecting Pieces of Heart and Poe Souls. I've got two of each left to get. I even managed to complete the Cave of Ordeals (barely) while I was at it. I would have gone fishing, but the cave left me penniless and I didn't want to spend the money until I had enough time to do everything there. Maybe sometime this week.

Brent came over on Friday evening to play some Dominion. We only got to play two rounds of Hinterlands, and I won both, but I think I was pretty lucky, and he passed up a lot of opportunities to buy Provinces early on. We had some pretty interesting cards to play with, too - both rounds had Highway, Scheme, and Border Village in play, so we were both drawing large portions of our deck every turn. I cleaned a big space in the basement for the game, so at least I did something productive, and we might be able to get together again in the future. At least, with the basement bathroom mostly in working order, I can finally potentially invite people over instead of needing to bring my games to them.

My blood sugar has been holding steady despite my increased carb intake, so I've pushed things up yet again, going for breads, pasta, or potatoes at almost every meal, and even drinking a bottle of Ramune from before I thought I was diabetic. I'm not particularly worried about overdoing it in the short term, and I'm still testing every three days, so if I do manage to cross a line, I'll know in short order. I'm still keeping a pretty balanced diet, with plenty of meat and vegetables, but I'm getting back to the types of food I used to eat years ago, with diet soda instead of regular and sugar-free bread and milk when I'm at home. And significantly less candy, which I'm pretty sure was the problem all along.

As for my mood and self-image, they've been much better since the EMDR session. I've had a couple of flashbacks, but they're almost immediately followed with a strong sense of okayness. I really have no idea what further improvement to expect from future sessions, but this is pretty amazing so far.

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