Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

And this is just the stuff I'm comfortable talking about

My blood sugar was surprisingly low again on Friday morning - about as low as it ever tended to get while I was still on Metformin. I took the opportunity to have a breakfast crunchwrap from Taco Bell on Saturday morning - the first thing with potatoes I've had in about two years. The rest of the weekend, I stuck with the usual diet pretty well - as well as I ever do, anyway. Monday morning should be informative. I got together with Curt and his wife on Saturday afternoon to play a few rounds of Dominion. We had one really interesting game of Empires. The active event was Dominate - 14 coins to gain a Province and nine Victory Point tokens. Usually, that would be nearly impossible, but we had some big Treasures in play - Capital (6 coins and +1 Buy, but you get six debt tokens when you discard it from play), Crown (play either an Action or a Treasure twice - if you Crown a Capital, it only gets discarded once), and Fortune (only once per turn, double your coins), plus Actions like Villa (+2 Actions, +1 Buy, +1 coin, goes into your hand and gives you +1 Action when you gain it) and Gladiator (+2 coins, +1 additional coin if your left-hand opponent doesn't have the card you reveal from your hand). In one late-game turn, I was able to pay off a couple of coins of debt and still buy Dominate twice. We didn't even count victory points in that game.

I played through the entirety of Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom again this weekend to capture the sad ending for the end of the LP. It goes surprisingly quickly when you're not backtracking for upgrades, although I did have to sneak out of the castle at the very end to go collect more healing fruits. Then I finished cleaning up a video that I'd already done commentary for. I need to do more commentary when I get the chance. I was much less exhausted on Friday than I had been for the past few weeks, so I might be able to do my work earlier and have more time in the evenings. If I can introduce some starch into my diet again, that might help with the other problems I've been having in the mornings. And tomorrow morning, I'll be starting with my new mental health treatment program. I could be on the mend.

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