Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Better? Worse? Sometimes I can't tell.

I was really tired this morning, to the point that I spent most of the day feeling like my own weight was more than I could lift. I managed to get the computer up to my desk, but I was sitting there all day. Then I got a call from the neuro-ophthalmologist, informing me that they'd canceled my appointment because the referral had a different doctor's name on it. I called the clinic that had referred me, and they said they were still waiting to hear from the neuro-ophth. Wires have gotten crossed somewhere, and I'm rather caught in the middle, now with no appointment and probably an even longer wait once everything is sorted out. I'm hoping that going off Metformin fixes the problem, or I may not be able to see properly again until next year. My vision seemed to have improved just before bed, which is about the longest I've gone without taking a dose, but it's been fluctuating like that ever since it started. Could be promising, could just be a coincidence. I'm hoping for better results by the weekend.

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