Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I need to find the time to buy a flexible rough

My appointment with the doctor went about as I expected. He didn't think it was likely that mold is causing my problems, but he also doesn't think I'll get an appointment with a neurologist any sooner than the one I've already got. We're going to try, though. I'm also going to try going off Metformin entirely for a while to see what happens. I'm going to keep the low-carb diet going. And I've got an appointment with the plumbers, ideally to install both the offset flange and the toilet in the basement, but I have a feeling that they'll have to install the flange and then wait for the cement to dry before doing anything else. At least I'll be at home enough to get the cleanup job started - unless the Metformin really is what's been causing my issues and cutting it fixes me quickly. I'd still have to proceed with getting the house fixed up, but I wouldn't mind being able to catch some of what's happening at work over the next few weeks.

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