Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I missed an important call that I can't return until tomorrow

Today's Bridge: Anna was willing to join us, so she and I took on Dan H. (now the only Dan left) and Ken. They started by missing a game by one, but then made 3D. I struck back with 1NT - even with no club stoppers and two other missing aces, I managed an overtrick. We stopped their attempt at 4S by three, but with three quick-tricks in hand, one in a six-card suit, and no trump at all, I couldn't double, and Anna was probably wise not to. We gave it all back in the final hand, though, where Dan opened 1S, and with S Q-J-x H A-x-x D K-x C J-10-8-4-2, I pushed a 2C overcall just to get in the game. Ken jumped to 3S (he'd done the same on the previous hand, but had miscounted his power), and Anna attempted to bid 3C, only to force herself up to 4C. Dan bid 4S, and I'd had enough, so that was the contract. I started with the four of clubs, and dummy was S 10-x-x-x H 10-x D A-x-x C A-Q-9-x. Dan put up the ace, then crossed to his A-K of trump, Anna showing out on the second round. He let me keep my jack of spades and led the queen of diamonds, which I covered. Taking the ace, he led a low diamond back to his jack, then led another diamond. I threw a heart, and Anna's ten won. She led the jack of hearts, covered by the queen and my ace, and I should have recognized that the only possible fourth trick we could have was the king of hearts. Instead, I figured she wouldn't have underled it (not that she had any better lead - perhaps a low heart from four or five to the K-J, but the jack does nicely pin the ten), so I tried the ten of clubs to the queen, king, and a ruff. I let the first diamond go, but when I ruffed the second, Dan threw dummy's losing heart and claimed.

It was a busy day even though I didn't get much actual work done. I joined the team that took one of our laptops to another building to be scanned, and spent the last two hours of the day in mandatory safety training run by a guy with way too much enthusiasm and some rather sensationalist views. I don't think there was a group of people he didn't insult with a tasteless joke at least once. He raised some good points, but overall, I found the entire experience highly uncomfortable. I also finally got to talk to my supervisor about my time off. His biggest concern was whether I have enough paid leave to cover myself, and I'll be good for a few months yet. I really hope this doesn't last that long, but I'm not even sure I can look at too much text right now.

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