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Today's Bridge: Ken and I teamed up against Jerry and Dan H. for a pretty exciting time. I started with 2H, making two overtricks, but game wasn't biddable. The opponents could have held me to 9 by leading trump at the end to crash my honors instead of giving me a crossruff. They got the first game, but I declared a 3NT that was probably not ideal - with S A-Q-J-x H A-x D Q-10-x C J-x-x-x, I had to open 1C even though it's a great 1NT opening in Precision. Jerry overcalled 2D, and I think everyone at the table had a different idea of what it meant. I took it as a pre-empt, Dan thought it was the 2D opener (short diamonds, no other biddable suit), and I think Jerry intended it as a strong overcall. Ken bid 2H, so I bid my spades. Ken went back to 3H, so I put us in 3NT. Jerry started with the top three clubs through Ken's S 10 H K-Q-J-8-x-x D K-x-x C x-x-x, and Dan sluffed on the last one. Jerry switched to a spade, and I let dummy's ten win, but spent so long thinking about my next move that no one batted an eye when I led a low diamond from my hand. Whoops. The king won, so I crossed back to my ace of hearts, and when both opponents followed, I could cash my top cards in the black suits and cross back to the good hearts. Overtaking the ten of spades would have been a better move, since I like the low diamond lead. I can't imagine Jerry would bid 2D on no more than six diamonds to the jack. We mounted some killer defenses - we couldn't double any of them, but we scored a two-trick set when they could probably have clobbered us in hearts, and a four-trick set in 4D - I had S Q-10-x H K-10-x-x-x D Q-9-x-x C 6, so I was able to bid hearts once. Ken opened A-x of hearts through dummy's S A-K-x-x H Q-x-x D K-8-x C x-x-x or so. I could count to thirteen, so I took the king and led back a low heart for Ken to ruff. He cashed the A-K of clubs, so I sluffed a heart, which he took for a signal to lead trump. I let dummy's eight win, which was probably a silly thing to do, and Jerry cashed the top spades and ruffed my queen. I think he then ran the jack of diamonds, losing to my queen, and I led a third trump back, crashing his honors. He tried to take a club, but I ruffed it with the final trump and still had a heart to cash. The final hand was a game attempt, but we managed to set that too. Jerry managed to get rid of his club losers before I could take the ace, but Ken had an abundance of trump and ruffed Jerry's diamond entry to dummy.

The meeting finally happened, and we closed out the work we've done for the past few months. Then we kicked off the new work for the upcoming month. It was a productive day.

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