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Today's Bridge: Jerry and I took on Dan C. and Ken, and I think it mainly came down to some mistakes on the part of the opponents. We started with a 1NT, made exactly, and finished with 4D when I tried to explore a slam - Dan opened 2S and Jerry overcalled 3D. With S x H Q-x-x D K-Q-J-x-x-x C K-x-x, I considered an aggressive 3S bid but stuck with 4D. Ken started with the ace and king of hearts, but Jerry got all the rest. He made 2S with an overtrick - I regretted not exploring game, but it looked like he had a lot of hearts to lose and managed to throw most of them on my clubs before losing control. The opponents went for 4S when Ken made a mistake in bidding - Dan opened 1NT, and Ken responded 2H, a Jacoby Transfer to spades. Dan bid 2S as required, and Ken jumped to game in spades with only four of them. Jerry led the ace and a low heart through Ken's S A-J-x-x H K-x-x D K-x C J-x-x-x or so to my S x-x-x H Q-x-x-x-x D Q-x-x-x C 4, and Dan ducked to my queen. I probably should have led back a heart for the ruff, depending on Jerry to come up with another trick, since if he had the ace or king of clubs, the contract was set anyway, but I led my club, and Jerry's king won it. He had to think for a while, but he led back a club for me to ruff, and when I gave him the heart ruff, he led another club for off three. They made 4H with three overtricks after that, and then I got to play my only hand, a flimsy 2H pre-empt with S 5-3-2 H K-J-10-7-x-x D x C A-x-x facing S Q-J-x H A-9 D K-Q-x C Q-J-x-x-x. The opening lead was a diamond to the king and ace, and Ken returned a second diamond, on which I threw a spade. I saw no reason not to pull trump, so I crossed to the ace and back toward my hand, picking up the queen. I threw dummy's last diamond on the next trump, then led a club toward the queen, which won. With the contract secured, I had no option but to cross back to the ace of clubs, and the king fell. That gave me an entry to two more good clubs as parking places for my spades and an unlikely slam. Ken went for a 3NT, and when I led from my K-Q-x-x of diamonds into dummy's A-J-x, I thought our defense was finished, but Ken took the ace and immediately tried to set up clubs. Jerry got into the lead on the failed finesse and cashed three hearts, clearing all but the two I had left, then switched to a spade. He got back in with another spade (Ken was out of clubs) and led another low spade. Ken could have minimized the damage by covering his nine with dummy's ten and running the clubs, but he blocked himself in hand, finally conceding the last three tricks to my red cards. I think he erred at trick one by not ducking, since my king of diamonds marked me with the queen, but Jerry really should have led his last diamond after clearing hearts - it was pretty obvious from Ken's discards that I had both remaining hearts, and he also should have read my king lead as promising the queen of diamonds. Finally, they went for a slam, where Ken would have tried for the grand despite my holding the K-x of trump, but they were missing two kings, so he stopped short. I think Dan miscounted the tricks and thought he was already set, so when Jerry high-lowed in diamonds, he tried the trump finesse, and even though I knew Dan was also out of diamonds and I had the protected ten as a second-round stopper, I led the low one in the vain hope that Jerry could overruff. Instead, Dan threw a club, letting Jerry ruff with his only remaining trump for the setting trick. There were enough dummy entries in trump (Ken was void in clubs anyway) to ruff out the diamonds and cash a long one, so my lead just meant that Dan would have to ruff the third diamond instead of the fourth. I think he threw it away, though. The slam was his had he played more carefully.

Clearly, I made it to work, riding with Brent. The meeting I went in for never happened, and the building started heating up a bit in the afternoon. Brent was feeling uncomfortable, and my eyes started to feel a bit weird after a while, so we headed home early. I got a medical form that I'll need to get filled out by one of the doctors to validate my arrangement to work from home (basically, to certify that I'm healthy enough to work at home, but not to work on-site), so that's a task for tomorrow. After dinner, I had a few moments where my vision seemed to have improved almost back to normal, but it still comes and goes. It might be a good sign, especially if my vision turns out to improve after more meals. I'll have to check it more frequently after eating.

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